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Service Announcement…
Hi everyone and thought I’d let you all know that for the remainder of August there will be no further news updates, Instagram posts or Brickbat related activities. This is thanks to a situation that’s been going on beneath the surface for far too long, the resolution of which was not to my satisfaction. It’s... Continue Reading →
On This Day… 25 Years Ago!
  On this day 25 years ago, The Brian Prebble Experience was born at the start of a three hour recording session in the living room of my house. Well… my parents and brother were away on holiday so as usual, I made good use of their absence! However, the birthdate of Prebble is only... Continue Reading →
I know there are one or two of you out there who do tune in to these weekly updates, so here you are expecting an update as is the ritual. Unfortunately, there is nothing to update you on! It’s been a very boring week with very little happening at all save for one thing which... Continue Reading →
On This Day In The Archive…
Been a while since we did one of these archive rummagings. Did a check on July 31st and 3 different entries came up. The earliest is 1994 with “What The F*** Is This? Master” That sure brings back a few memories. It was the third “album” project I recorded with my pal Derek following on... Continue Reading →
After a few very active weeks and weekends, this week just ending has been the complete reverse. It’s almost as if everything has grinded to a complete halt. There have been some events I could have gone along to and photographed but none appealed to me at all. For most, this week will be remembered... Continue Reading →
Hmmm. Not quite sure what to make of this week just ending. It had it’s moments… both good and bad. Change is definitely in the air but at present I’m not entirely sure where it will lead me… I dunno. I can’t really talk too much about this stuff at the moment. Monday evening, I... Continue Reading →
As regular readers know, I keep a journal. This week just ending… let’s say if my journals were ever published, it would make for one of the most detailed and enjoyable weeks ever documented so far in this thing called “my life”. Funnily enough, Monday was of no real note being generally a day off... Continue Reading →
That was a bit of a strange week with a couple of less than great days but all’s well that ends well as they say! I can’t quite believe it’s July and that half of 2019 is history. I truly can’t! The way time flashes by quickly is a little disturbing but we make the... Continue Reading →
Another busy week concludes and scarily, 2019 is now officially half done and we’re on the road to Winter which given the heat and heavy pollen over the last few days will come as a relief for hay fever sufferers like myself. Also feeling a touch of anxiety at the moment awaiting news of a... Continue Reading →
On This Day In The Archive… Glastonbury!
It’s staggering to realise that 20 years ago today, I performed at the Glastonbury Festival. It’s one of those “blimey, where has the time gone?” moments! To say it was an experience is putting it mildly. For many, Glastonbury is some kind of a rite of passage whereas for me, something totally unexpected as I... Continue Reading →