Clinging To Sanity : Chapter 3

Finally having 7 days off from work after a near continuous month of work into which I had to squeeze in a move of home, I was looking forward to a rest and taking stock. Sod’s law then it transpired to be anything but as there was a whole load of boring “admin” to deal with – sorting out bills and all that crap connected to the new home. That was made much more awkward by not having access to my regular internet highlighting how dependent this deafhead is on the wretched internet as that’s where I conduct 95% of my business. To have Blackpool Council change my council tax bill three times in the space of one week – on top of 4 changes since the bill was issued in March – is downright farcical. It’s funny how the moving home process went swimmingly well and all the crap I’ve had to deal with since then has been far more involving and stressful.

Strange too how after what feels like an eternity to run into a whole bunch of chums from the Electric Sunshine Project in the last three days providing some laughs and sanity in the oh too brief moments we had to natter. On the one hand it cheered me up but on the other I found it upsetting that this farcical “pandemic” crap forbids us from working together and doing what we do best. With the entire live entertainment industry collapsing into ruin around us, 2020 is the year where live entertainment was taken away from us for illogical unsound reasons and being starved of that is affecting us deeper than most will admit to.

I am reading that some venues are aiming to reopen and get back to presenting live shows but FFS this is gonna be a complete disaster as long as muzzling and distancing remains enforced upon us. Think about it – venue capacity shrinks by at least 75% to comply with “the rules” meaning pitiful audiences which in turn leads to pitiful money at the bar and do you seriously think the performers are gonna GET PAID? Not on your nellie as there’ll be nothing to pay them as the bar take will be pathetic… see the vicious circle that’s emerging? It’s been shit enough for performers for many years as we’ve always been ripped off and expected to “pay to play” and now the stakes are much worse for us. Boris yesterday told us to “forget about the NHS” – fucking IDIOT. He should have said “forget about muzzles and distancing” but no. It all keeps rubbing me up the wrong way, stoking severe anger within me as me and my friends are all being shafted left, right and centre for no logical reason. Each and every one of us is being SHAFTED and I’m alarmed at the compliance and distinct lack of anger and protests against this totalitarianistic crap being shoved at us under the disgusting phrase of “new normal”. FUCK and OFF. I was NEVER “normal”, never will be and you can stuff “new normal” up Boris’s cavernous arse… problem is given he talks out of his arse which entrance do we shove his shit into?

Yeah. It all makes me ANGRY.

So far, there’s been no time to get working on my planned projects or get into the personal lockdown regime I’m imposing upon myself to keep exposure to people wearing muzzles (and the Big Brother notices everywhere screaming at us to muzzle ourselves) as minimal as possible. I’m in survival mode. I despise what is being done to my world and forcing kids to wear muzzles at school is mass CHILD ABUSE given no healthy kids have died from this so-called virus. Jeez… here I go again ranting about the “virus” crap. The fact it’s inescapable does my brain in and poisons my sensitive soul though anyone who dares suggest I’m a “snowflake” will immediately discover I sure ain’t one of those lily-livered morons. No – snowflakes are sitting back letting our freedoms be taken away from us in the deluded belief it’s good for our health whereas I’m standing up and fighting for everybody’s freedom, including the snowflake drips.

So, at the moment we’re in some weird limbo like transitional state. Most of the admin has been dealt with, I have my internet back – after a long three plus hour saga getting it restored – and I’m back on a working week leaving me unavailable until 4th September after which I hope to get my head back down and get on with some writing and recording. Last year, I created a whole load of backing tracks and they’re bloody great. All that’s missing are my vocals to complete them so am hoping to get those dealt with as soon as I can. Whether or not you’ll get to hear some of the results is of course dependent on the live situation as no, I’m NOT making videos and plastering them on YouTube for Google to siphon my copyrights and profit from nor am I gonna do any ZOOM type streaming.

It’s over a month now since I flicked the finger at social media. Do I miss it? No. Definitely not. As unlikely as it seems given my rantiness, I feel much better without it. It’s like ditching newspapers and television in that it cuts out a ton of unneccesary crap and clutter. I do miss interacting with a handful of pals but otherwise, it’s long ceased to serve any real function for me. I do wish more people would wake up and ask themselves questions as to whether or not social media/lockdowns/muzzlings and distancing are necessary. It certainly isn’t healthy.

So, that’s all there is to mumble and grumble about for now.

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