Clinging To Sanity – Chapter 1

It’s now two weeks since I turned my back on social media and whilst no denying for the first few days it felt awkward, I have readjusted and I do not miss it at all. Social media is like the newspapers or news on TV – a constant barrage of negativity and half baked crap, lies and smears that keeps on insulting my intelligence and ramping up my stress levels which at this time is the last thing I need in my life. Most of you during lockdown tidied around and got rid of clutter but I think many of you forgot that there’s clutter in the digital world as well and do we need to be weighed down by that? I don’t.

So… are we all healthy? Managing to breathe under those awful muzzles? You’re in for A LOT of fun over the next week as another beastly heatwave descends upon us. Witnessing the world get muzzled is quite possibly the most depressing thing I’ve ever endured, even surpassing 20 years of being trapped inside the prison labelled “depression” as at least when locked inside, I was too far gone to care. The Nikon still sits silent and unused as I have zero desire to capture a single frame featuring muzzles and until they’re sent where they belong, photography is dead to me. Hey, any photo I get which shows people NOT wearing muzzles is seen by too many as naming and shaming and I ain’t being any part of that. I expect some illicitly taken snap of me to do the rounds one of these days branding me as an insensitive, selfish KILLER. Yeah, right. Blackpool right now is a distorted parody. What? You want us all to get back to eating out and trying to tempt us with lowered prices? What? You want my CONTACT DETAILS for the NHS track and trace scheme? You want us out shopping and helping keep local businesses alive but doing so when muzzled? No. I can’t do that. Oh, and since muzzles were made “mandatory” businesses are reporting that their sales have been sinking. Why is that zero surprise to me?

Sorry – the words FUCK and OFF immediately spring to my mind as aren’t we supposed to be cowering in fear, distancing and avoiding all chances of catching this rancid disease? Come on – THINK ABOUT IT. Seriously. Think about what’s been happening since March. Is it just me, or is a lot of it downright ILLOGICAL? We’re witnessing a colossal disaster in the making where mental health facilities are gonna collapse under the weight of heavy demand.

Been doing a lot of overtime at work to the degree it’s almost feeling like I live there yet remarkably, I am enjoying it and there is a lot of good spirit in the air which helps keep my faith in humanity alive.

Much to my annoyance and frustration, we’ve just lost 2 weeks, still trapped in the craphole I’ve been living in for the last 2 and a half years as there’s been some stupid delays dragging out my relocation. What makes it irritating is not too far away sits South Pier and they employ somebody I call DJ Dik Edd. Like too many DJ’s he loves to BLAST out his DUMDUMDUMDUMDUMDUMDUMDUMDUMDUMDUMDUMDUMDUM crap with regular shouted interludes where he wanks off his own ego. It is so damn loud a large area of South Shore gets to “enjoy” his work until 23:00 most nights and when one comes home from a 12 hour shift at work having THAT racket to suffer is not fucking funny. I have complained to the company that owns the piers but suspect my mail was dumped in their spam folder.

I am growing a little more anxious about this relocation because of more towns being dumped back under lockdown and am hellbent on getting moved before it happens again in Blackpool as I cannot afford to suffer another spell of lockdown trapped inside this current dive. I’m just awaiting news on the latest development in this saga… I am more or less ready to move out within 2 hours – piles of boxes and stuffs sat gathering dust in my living room awaiting transportation to my new home. I am hoping we can pull this off in the next 7 days but as usual, that’s in the hands of other people which yet again reminds me of the adage “if you want to get something done, best do it yourself” but sadly too many things are beyond our control and depends on other people and when they don’t get their arses in gear, we suffer for it.

I do have various ideas and plans fermenting inside my brain to get working on but until we move, we can’t do a damn thing. You know, I need to get my phone line switched, freezers and washing machines bought, delivered and installed and none of this is possible till I get the damn keys in my clammy hands. A long list of things to do and just stuck here unable to progress. Yeah. Frustration central.

So, a more peaceful existence remains awaiting. It will be bliss to get moved in, kitted out then have all my shopping delivered so I need not set foot outdoors when not working. Shut out the insanity and get my head down and work on new projects some of which you may or may not get to enjoy sometime in the future, whatever the future may be.

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