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I don’t know about you, but I’m sick to fucking death of POLITICS.

Ever since the day Nick Clegg foisted David Camoron upon us in 2010 we have been drowning in endless political shit. We suffered as the Tories imposed a nasty senseless austerity regime upon us during which the sick, disabled and unemployed suffered countless miseries and injustices. Then, along came the referendum which yielded a result the Government and the media hated and refused to accept and respect. Cue the never ending Brexit farce. This truly split people right down the middle as the chasm between Brexiteers and Bremainers grew intense and ugly. The “negotiations” dragged on and on and on which made the situation much worse and out of all THAT, we’ve ended up with the ludicrous situation of having Boris Johnson as Prime Minister.

And then along comes COVID-19 to fuck things up even more. Suddenly we’re all placed under house arrest in a mass “lockdown” at which point I began smelling a stinky dirty rat. Since day one, I’ve firmly believed the lockdown was unnecessary. The effect it’s had on people and society is devastating. We keep being told that social distancing and queuing outside the few shops that open is “the new normal” – well, I have one thing to say about that – STUFF this “new normal”. I reject it. Now it’s emerging what I suspected all along – the death figures have been grossly exaggerated thanks to almost EVERY death, no matter what the cause, being labelled as virus related. The actual virus death figures are far lower than average yearly flu figures.

Since day 4 or 5 of lockdown, I have known about this cheap cure that kills the virus, but the media have done everything to cover THAT up in spite of the fact it’s success rate is over 95%. No, all we ever get is VACCINE, VACCINE, and VACCINE. Enter Bill Gates. He’s maniacally obsessed that the entire planet should remain in lockdown until the entire population has one of HIS nasty vaccines which will implement his masterplan to insert microchips inside us. That’s a rant for another occasion. Besides, better if you dig around and learn for yourself about this nasty business and it’s implications.

To steer back on track, we now have our Government dithering on what to do next. It’s damn obvious they want to keep us all in lockdown for as long as humanly possible and I’m witnessing a repeat of Brexit here as the split between those of us who want lockdown to end NOW and those who want lockdown to continue indefinitely is just as wide and intense as Brexit. Brexit split a nation and now lockdown is doing the self same thing.

The BBC and the media have been a complete fucking DISGRACE throughout all this. They have done nothing but shove doom, gloom and death at us 24/7. They have lied to everyone using false figures and now we have a proportion of the population who are too scared to step outside their homes because the way the media have hyped it, we could contract the virus just by breathing the air and ooh, instant DEATH. It’s BULLSHIT. Nothing of the sort. Yes, older people sadly are vulnerable to the virus but 99% of the population younger than them are FINE. Some suffer then recover. Some get the virus and barely suffer.

I’ve had ENOUGH. Ten long years we’ve had our lives suffocated by endless political turmoil and devious dealings. TEN BASTARD YEARS. No fucking WONDER mental health issues are sky high as too many have suffered thanks to the Government or live in a permanent state of gloom and insecurity thanks to the same reason. I always thought we simply vote, end up with whatever Government we get then carry on with our lives whilst they take care of all the boring stuff without impinging on our day to day activities. No, no, NOOO.

All I want is this – to be able to work for an honest living, see my friends, perform, go out to the theatre and go on occasional holidays. I like a simple unobtrusive life. It’s my body, my mind and my choice. I chose many years ago to stop reading newspapers. To stop watching the BBC. I didn’t like or agree with what they were spewing. I don’t subscribe to their “truth”. I’ve always been open minded and inquisitive. How on Earth Piers Morgan hasn’t been lynched and torn limb for limb baffles me. He really seems to believe he’s the moral guardian of the UK and worse, a few million actually LISTENS to his pompous crap and believe him. Who does he think he is… Prime Minister?

Something about this virus and lockdown doesn’t sit right. No… a LOT of things don’t. April 2020 is the month that was stolen from us. The majority of people seemed to happily readjust and ACCEPT what was being imposed upon us. I couldn’t. I began digging and researching. I have a few theories as to what is REALLY behind all this and it sure ain’t the virus. The virus is a smokescreen. For almost the entire world to lockdown? Because of a supposed killer virus that is actually a nasty strain of flu with a pitiful death rate? COME ON. It’s obvious to anybody with a modicum of logic and sense to know something is wrong with this picture. I am VERY angry about what’s going down beneath the surface. Right now it looks like we’re gonna be locked down for the entirety of May. The plans I’ve read about “easing” the lockdown measures slowly are pathetic and weak.

What saddens me is if my beloved Grandparents could see what is happening right now, they’d be horrified and disgusted. They would NEVER have stood for or accepted this lockdown. They live within me and I keep their spirit alive and no, I don’t accept it either and feel anger, dismay and disgust.

There are a few well meaning people who have suggested to me “hey, why not stream a live performance?” I have seen far too many rub their hands and declare “ha… we may not be able to play gigs but we can do it by video from our own homes… woo-hoo!” Sorry, but that’s pathetic. The whole POINT of live entertainment is bringing people together PHYSICALLY into some space. The exchange of energy between audience and performers. THAT’S where the magic happens. Yeah, I cloister in my miserable home and perform on my own to a poxy camera. Where’s the feedback? How many would be watching? Nobody for all I’d know. What is the fucking POINT? So, no. There will NOT be any usage of live streaming media from me.

Then we have the ZOOM explosion. Woo-hoo, let’s all keep in touch via video. To which I say “Good for YOU, but futile for me”. Why? I am DEAF. I rely on LIP READING. Struggling to hear a crap signal and decipher delayed lip movements on a pixellated tiny video? Doesn’t work for me. Never has, never will. Unlike most of you, I can’t use the telephone for the same reasons – no lip reading. It means I constantly mishear what’s being said. I struggle badly and the resultant confusions leaves me looking like an idiot and feeling like a retard. I NEED face to face contact to communicate and you know where you can stuff your face masks as well. COME ON. Think about it. If you can smell a cigarette or a fart through a mask, then how effective are they gonna be filtering out germs?

Yeah, I fucking hate and RESENT this lockdown scam. That’s what it is – a massive scam for nefarious means and motives. I’ll leave it up to YOU to find out what they may be.

This lockdown is the most inhuman thing I’ve ever been subjected to and I don’t say that lightly as over my entire life I have suffered appalling abuse and injustice thanks to my deafness, speech and individuality. I’ve fought my entire life to be who I am. Right now, I am trapped in a flat surrounded by arsehole neighbours. The other night we were woken up yet again by the worst offender setting off the house fire alarm for a lark… at 03:45. This happens every couple of weeks. Not to mention daily noises of various kinds, fights sometimes breaking out, arguments in the hallways, druggies turning up at all hours. The galling thing is I’M TRAPPED suffering forms of domestic abuse and I cannot escape from it UNTIL lockdown is lifted or relaxed as no, I can’t hunt for and move somewhere else in spite of having the funds ready on standby to do just that. I feel like I’m being punished harshly. All I want is a fucking QUIET LIFE free of other people’s dramas and BULLSHIT. I know I’m far from alone in feeling this despair. Thankfully and luckily I now have A JOB that gets me away from this madness for 3 days one week and 4 days the next. When one looks forward to going to work, you know life is screwed up.

Yeah, we’re ALL suffering in our own ways. Toss in the endless barrage of negativity from the media, the degradation of shopping, being forced into observing “social distancing” and suffering standing in ever longer queues just to get basic groceries… You know, whenever I feel shit or pissed off, all I’d have to do is meet up with one of my pals for a cuppa and a natter, or treat myself to some nice fresh fish and chips and the world would feel fine after that. Er… no. Such options are denied. So, how is this affecting the ever growing amount of people suffering mental illnesses? Is it inducing mental illness to many who has never suffered it before? This lockdown is destroying too many psychologically. Something has to give and we’re plunging towards a catastrophe where all mental health services are gonna be swamped. Oh, lets stay at home to save lives and the NHS? Yeah, right. The NHS is gonna buckle badly thanks to people in desperate need for mental health treatment. A tsunami is on the way… frightening.

If you’ve managed to reach this point, I thank you for your time and patience to read these thoughts. It’s probable you won’t agree with some of them but hey, this is my blog on my website and I’m simply stating what I think and feel. Agree with me or not, that’s fine, but I do ask of you one thing – just THINK. Be logical. Is this lockdown REALLY right or fair? What is the REAL deal behind it? Read. Research. Educate yourselves. You will NOT like what you discover, but…

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