Some Brief Thoughts…

Angry yet?

Started waking up to the fact something is NOT right about this lockdown?

I’m growing increasingly alarmed and exasperated by the amount of people I see online who are treating this lockdown as if it’s some exciting once in a lifetime adventure.

Aren’t you tired and suspicious of the media?

No, seriously. For almost 2 months now, they’ve been shoving DEATH, DOOM, GLOOM and MISERY at you 24/7. No good news are allowed. The BBC – once upon a time, the finest broadcasting corporation, the envy of the World – have been milking this dry to maniacal levels. For years now I’ve been distrustful of the BBC and their antics of late have proved a thousandfold I was right to stop consuming their media 10 years ago.

Something is fishy and “wrong” with this virus mania but how many are actually questioning it?

Is it REALLY so wonderful being locked down with every damn day blurring into one boring endless bank holiday?

We’re living through a VERY worrying time where the future of humanity will never be the same. So, what’s the big trend today on Twatter? ED BALLS DAY. Oh pur-lease! If Ed Balls is far more important than the misery, injustice and uncertainty of lockdown then what the f**k is going on?

I know for a fact that if they were still here, my Grandparents and their generation would be shaking their heads in dismay at how too many are “reacting” to this lockdown.

I have made it known that I am not taking photos of the empty streets and lockdown life. What’s the point? It’s PEOPLE that make my photos interesting. I leave the still life stuff for others to chronicle and they’re doing it very well. This is NOT a time of my life I feel happy to be living through nor one I could possibly remember with any fondness at all, so why would I wanna get photos of all this?

There is tons more I could say and rant about but that’s all I’m saying for now.


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