Eeeh… it’s a bit nippy out there! Storm whateverthedumbassnameitsbeengiven has been wreaking all manner of havoc in style with the general advice being “do not go out unless absolutely necessary” and sure enough, out I went for what felt like a perilous walk with debris all over the place which had me thinking “any of this smacks me on the head or in the face, I’m screwed!” Regardless to say, I survived unscathed.

A couple of weeks since our last update and… well… a hodgepodge of things I suppose. Last Wednesday saw me undergoing my latest job interview then a meeting with LeftCoast in the evening to discuss windmill related business with lead artist Tina Dempsey. The following morning I joined Tina and a host of familiar creative faces in Kings Square for the unveiling of Tina’s eyecatching “fancie bench” which I quietly documented as only I can with the Nikon. Early in the afternoon came a text message saying I’m going to be offered the job I was interviewed for which came as a huge relief though am now awaiting further details as to when I start and all that. It’s a part time one so will still have plenty of space and time in which to breathe and get on with other projects.

A lot of admin related work at home, some windmill related and the rest dealing with my dreaded archives. Managed to get a lot of good work done leaving me with less things to worry about in the future. In general I am in good spirits, looking forward to earning a regular income once again to ensure I keep my head above the water.

Not much else I can report for now unless I go into nerdy mode and detail what I’ve been up to with the archive but I guess such ramblings don’t have much appeal to many readers here. Things are looking good and brewing up so 2020 should be another busy and productive year.

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