2020 sure is getting off to a most exciting start… NOT! January is the quietest and deadest month of the year in Blackpool but I’m OK with it. It feels kinda novel to wander about and barely see anybody, like some kind of mass hibernation going on. Toss in a lot of cold windy weather, I guess I’m making what I can of it as before we know it it’ll be chaotic and busy again. Relieved Christmas and New Year are out the way and I know I’m not alone in thinking it was all rather stilted as Christmas had the black cloud of Boris hanging over it then New Year… what is there for many to actually celebrate? Christmas was OK for me, was treated like a homecoming hero (was gonna say Royalty but given the mess they’re in right now…) whilst New Year was quiet and uninteresting, spent on my own. The thing I HATE most of all about the “festive season” is how we lose track of what day it is then going through a confused start to the year getting the body clock and brain back in full working order. Now the dust has settled and time to start getting back to life.

Next week sees work on the windmill project resuming after some delays and next Saturday will be the Libertalia performance at the Hive which is certain to be an unusual experience. As one performer has pulled out, I figured I should help fill in the gap… I was gonna perform just one song but now unlucky punters are gonna get two of them, and believe me, they’re er… “interesting” as I’ll be in full on performance art mode. That’s all I’m gonna say, don’t wanna give anything else away so, pop along here if you’re gonna head along as spectator space will be limited : https://www.eventbrite.com/e/libertalia-performance-tickets-88543641415 It is certain to be weird for me as it will be the first time in over ten years since I last had the opportunity to do something like this and am looking forward to giving you all a rare chance to witness what I like to do as a performer.

There are other events and things going on/brewing up this month which I have no part in and am a bit too discombobulated to list them.

I bought myself an 8TB hard drive for Christmas so been busy sorting out my digital archives. There was already three back ups of everything but for this new drive, it was time to sort some parts of it out to make it much easier to find everything – as I type, the 2019 folder is being copied and that contains 13,771 files in 171 folders guzzling up 261GB. That’s all the music, videos and photography… I am a busy lad sometimes and staggering to think that barely any of it has been seen or heard. That archive is a goldmine… in years to come, people will wake up and be amazed and fascinated by what is in there.

Regulars may have noticed I’ve been silent on Twitter and Instagram so far this year. I still drop in a few times a day to see whats happening and frankly it reminds me of what I hate about those places – so much trivial stuff of no interest to me and am sensing more ego and desperation at play. Not for me. I will post on them but only when it concerns something important.

Otherwise, nothing else to report for now…

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