Update… the Humbug Edition

Humbug, Humbug, HUMBUG! OK, I make no secret of the fact I am a bit of a Scrooge type where Christmas is concerned but honestly, this year Christmas feels much more arduous and troublesome than usual. What does make me feel slightly better is I know I’m far from alone in wishing it was over and done with so we can get back to some kind of “normality”. I think we can thank our oh so glorious “Prime Minister” for turning Christmas into a complete miseryfest for most, not to mention his wonderful friends in the media and the BBC.

It’s been a rather odd rollercoaster type of a week, much of it best forgotten. A handful of meetings, mostly business related as opposed to pleasure but Christmas hampering it all as it means we can’t get cracking on with things until the new year which is extremely irritating. My prime concern is putting things into place to ensure I will survive and get by in 2020. There are several projects, some ongoing, some waiting in the wings which should keep me busy AND helping earn an income.

And whilst I’m in full on HUMBUG mode, I have to say I am sicksicksick to death of hearing Wham’s “Last Christmas” this year. That’s always been one of my most hated Christmas songs but we’ve been bludgeoned with it with such regularity it’s nauseating. What’s even weirder is how Mariah Carey’s screechfest is barely being played… I’ve suffered that one 4 times this month so far whilst Wham, we’re talking at least 4 times EVERY DAY. And whatever happened to Greg Lake’s “I Believe In Father Christmas”? That’s one I don’t mind as hey, the cynical message sits better with me than anything else but last year I only heard it once, this year not at all. I do wonder why.

When will people WAKE UP and realise that being smothered to death with the same old Christmas hits drives a sane person insane? I’ve walked out of several stores as they play the muzak so loud, it destroys my concentration as if assaulting my eardrums and insulting my intelligence and patience isn’t enough. Slade, Wizzard, Mariah, Wham, Pogues, Chris Rea, Boney M… ALL of them make me want to strangle somebody.


Oh, sod it… that’ll do or else I’ll get ranting on about a ton of other things.

Yeah… Christmas sure is fun.


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