It’s not been a good week has it? Practically everybody I know are devastated and angry by the election result which has granted 5 long years to a maniac to… well, goodness knows what. The election has definitely ruined Christmas this year as I’ve sensed no Christmas spirit at all and we now have this heavy cloud hanging over us since for those of us that do celebrate this year, just WHAT the hell have we really got to celebrate given the misery the government are to inflict? We’ve been in dark times for many years and the fact it’s grown darker is most upsetting.

This is proving to be a very awkward post to type… so far I’ve spent an hour typing stuff but keep lapsing into negativity and rants, so we’ll keep it as basic as possible.

We will cease posting original content on Instagram on January 1st. I’m utterly fed up with how their algorithms mangle the quality of the work I share. The videos look HORRIBLE. They’re very jerky despite me taking much time to process and edit them to look wonderful as Instagram squash them in such a way they turn out rather jerky. As for the level of detail that gets removed from my photos… essentially all my work on there look like parodies of what I upload. If you see the original files you’d be amazed at how richly detailed they are – all videos since June have been shot in full HD quality but Instagram make them look like a bad WMV or MOV file from 15 years ago. I care about my work. I spend a LOT of time preparing it. I care about Quality and Instagram are not fit for purpose on that level so not gonna waste any more time or energy as I want you all to see my work in the best quality.

Friday evening saw the opening of the Libertalia exhibition in the space above the Hive cafe. It went better than I expected given the awful news we’d woken up to that morning. I managed to put on a brave face and it was lovely to be amongst good company though I think you’ll all agree I was much more muted than usual. I did get a whole bunch of nice photos though they’re mostly of the people who were present as opposed to the exhibition itself which is better seen in person as my photos would perhaps spoil the impact and any surprises. On Saturday January 18th, there will be a performance event and it’s gonna mark my first ever piece of performance art in Blackpool, a moment I’ve waited far too long for as otherwise there are no opportunities to get up and do what I do best here as there’s only so much I can do at poetry events and the open mike circuit is a dead loss as I do NOT indulge in boring covers or karaoke. It will be the first time in NINETEEN YEARS I’ll be able to indulge in some strange theatrics/music which will be self written. Unfortunately I’m still kinda hung over by the bad news so not quite excited or focused at present but touch wood once Christmas is out the way and 2020 gets underway we’ll be back in full fighting and creative mode as hey, life goes on and we creatives are now more important than ever.

I want to see the return of PROTEST SINGERS. We have A LOT to be angry about and a lot to express but where are our present day Bob Dylan’s and Phil Ochs? I know such people are out there writing songs telling it how it is but the machinations of the music industry and PAY TO PLAY act as a social cleansing filter to silence the angry riff raff… time for that to be overthrown so lets start using our voices as loudly as possible to tell the Government what we really think and feel and maybe, just maybe we can help bring about some positive change. Oh and for those of you who might be thinking “Oh, but we’ve got Rap and Grime giving a voice to anger”, no thanks. I want to listen to dissenting voices in a melodic way – Rap and Grime is like being pinned up in a corner and being screamed a load of venomous abuse. Hateful forms of “music”… we need something a bit more accessible and palatable.

Enough for now. There might be an entry next week… will see how this week goes and how I’m feeling by then. If any of you could see the journal entries I’ve written this week, you’d be shocked how much I’ve written as its my only real outlet for my rage as its a little unfair to dump it upon you here… the things we have to do to survive and stay sane…


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