It’s been one of THEM weeks. It all started innocently when I sat down at the PC to add a new page to the website. A simple procedure that should had taken 5 minutes. For reasons I cannot fathom, the page would not display properly and worse, the rest of the website collapsed into chaos with icons, pics and text all over the bloody place. So began 4 long days of absolute torture trying to remedy the problem. And guess what? I’m still no closer to finding the solution and the only way I could make the site operational again was to ditch all the extra coding I’d added to make it display nice in your tablets and phones. So it looks like I’m gonna have to conjure up yet another complete new design. Pretty upsetting as the site is quite simple but it appears simplicity is no longer in favour. Seriously, tablets and phones have turned what used to be pleasurable into something downright blood boiling as hey, gotta get our websites looking spiffy on them damn things. It’s a headfuck of colossal proportions where all logic goes right out the window to exasperating effect.

This week otherwise has been a quiet one. I have been managing to work on some music editing in preparation for possible performance in the near future… will keep you informed about that. It might be as soon as 13th December… we shall see.

I’ve also been wading through the thousands of photo and video files I’ve shot this year in preparation for an Instagram special. Last Christmas I posted a whole host of sequential outtakes and alternate shots documenting each month of the year. This year? Each day of December I will be posting one photo and one video. Be prepared for some surprises as you’ll see moments that’ll get you thinking “hey… I didn’t realise he caught THAT!” The videos were fun to go through as there is tons of stuff and I’ve restricted each clip to 30 seconds or less… enough to give you a taster and sometimes a laugh and if you see any of these things and think “is there more?” Well… yes… hours and hours of it all sitting carefully preserved in the archive for possible future excavations. Make the most of them whilst they’re up there as all the videos will be deleted across January. I like to keep things “exclusive”! So, keep checking daily here

Very little else to report unfortunately… but hopefully next week we’ll have something more substantial to read.

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