A bit of a mixed week mood-wise but ends on a high! I’ve been having a bit too much time to myself in recent weeks and certain issues have been getting to me a bit so there’s been a couple of moody days feeling a little worried about things away from the creative scene… but hey, we all have such moments. We wouldn’t be human if we didn’t.

Tuesday was a slightly nervewracking one for me as it saw the community panel meeting for the “Meet Me At The Windmill” project and I was worried barely anyone was gonna turn up! All worries were unfounded as everybody did turn up so we had a panel of 12 people from various walks of local life. A lively affair full of goodwill and vibes as we went through the 5 shortlisted designs. The winning design was pretty much an unanimous decision and everybody departed feeling happy. With that settled, the project moves on to the next stage so I’ve been busy with admin relating to that, working out schedules and whatnot which kept me busy on Wednesday. Could had done without yet another Yahoomail outage on Tuesday night which meant 7 important emails all got delayed. Could also do without a rowdy asshole neighbour… there I am sat at my PC working away, having my concentration disrupted by this neighbour’s scummy pals who keep visiting and causing noisy disruptions that sometimes have me jumping out my skin, pushing and testing my patience.

Thursday was a return to Lightpool duties with LeftCoast Makers. That afternoon was lovely and there was a ten minute section where I ran into and chatted with no fewer than 5 people I get along with well. It’s nice to be popular! It’s funny because it highlights how far I’ve come over the last 2 years. Before then living in the village in the county where I was born, months would pass without running into anyone I knew and one couldn’t help but feel a bit lonesome and isolated. Now? Almost every time I head out, I’m encountering and nattering with people I know and I’ve had more hugs in the last 3 months than I’ve ever in my entire life until then… that’s no exaggeration. I think that says a lot for and about Blackpool and it’s people, very friendly and appreciative and nice to be made to feel part of the family.

The evening duties was at the Carnival of Light parade, one of those Blackpool spectacles I’d never witnessed before. I arrived on the scene and nobody seemed to know what we were doing and only 2 of us had turned up… the rest of the crew meanwhile had gone off somewhere else on a wild goose chase so ended up delayed. I went around handing out leaflets and it was funny how swiftly I got through them. I’m not sure, but it was possibly the busiest I’ve ever seen in Blackpool. I witnessed and filmed the parade pass by. Then, all hell broke loose as thousands headed to the Comedy Carpet for performances and an old unpleasant feeling came over me as I started to feel like I was drowning. I had no choice but to abandon my duties and head straight home as I was starting to come down with a panic attack thanks to the sheer volume of people. I created a surreal collage from my footage and posted that on social media which notched up quite a few “likes” and it does manage to convey some of the chaotic feeling of the event.

Friday I laid low with some more admin work and worrying too much. I was due to do a session at the Sun exhibit in the Winter Gardens but felt too delicate so had to withdraw from that which disappointed me but had to heal properly and look after number one.

Saturday was the Lightpool finale and I was due to work around the Pyronix show on the Comedy Carpet. Walking to town it was obvious it was going to be extremely busy and I didn’t want to risk a repeat of what had happened on Thursday night so had a quick chat with my pals from LeftCoast and I ended up watching over the illuminated musical see-saws in St John’s Square for most of the evening. It was rather cold and windy but not as cold as it was one year earlier as it was the anniversary of the performance of RUSH… now THAT was a bitterly cold night with temperatures at just one degrees! A memorable occasion though! A lively evening enjoying some good chats with LeftCoast and a few pals who popped along to check things out. Really enjoyed it. Better still, I had the Nikon with me and had earlier done one of my wanders and was delighted to get a few great street photography shots, some of which you can see over on my photo blog.

So, that’s Lightpool done and dusted for another year. The next big event on the calendar is the Electric Sunshine Project’s “All Souls Ball” at the Winter Gardens on Halloween night. I know quite a few who are going along and been asked what I’ll be doing as some thought I might be one of the hosts or performing… nope, I’ll be clutching my Nikon for the first couple of hours and I’m sure that will be a memorable evening.

So…. there ya go… the latest updates.

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