Update… (belated!)

Hi everyone, and a bit of a later update than usual. I did type a couple of paragraphs ready for the usual weekly spot on Sunday but… well… there was absolutely NOTHING to report about last week. It was one of those rare dreary weeks where absolutely nothing happened. There could have been a couple of things to be a part of but yet again faced an increasingly annoying problem which I term as “Facebook Prejudice”.

I am getting sick and tired of people and organisations who operate on most forms of social media who assume that everybody is on Facebook so post about their events there, but don’t bother elsewhere. I don’t do nor ever will join Facebook for a multitude of reasons. I don’t particularly like Instagram or Twitter either but one has to keep in the loop so 2 out of 3 is enough. One or two organisations do post on all these platforms but ever more are not bothering with Instagram or Twitter and by doing so, are restricting their possible consumers. I am fed up of hearing about things after they’ve happened then be told “well we did post about it on Facebook” as if I’m some klutz who can’t read or doesn’t notice such things. I don’t see this issue improving or changing and I will stand my ground till my last breath… I refuse to do Facebook. And that is that… I do make a point of posting whatever interests me on the other two places as I know almost everyone who has Facebook will also be on Twitter or Instagram so at least I can still reach to them.

Enough of all that crap. Facebook to me is like Brexit – a red rag which can set me off on an endless rant and we have better things to be doing.

This week – and next week – is set to be busy. Work ramps up on the “Meet Me At The Windmill” project as we’re now in the stage of wading through the submitted proposals, shortlisting those then putting them to a community panel next week for final selection. On top of that is the Lightpool Festival. I signed up earlier this year to participate as a LeftCoast Maker volunteer and have 6 evenings of duties to attend to so will be in the Winter Gardens and the Blackpool Tower Ballroom twice over then there are 2 outdoor spectacles where I’ll be somewhere within the masses… I will not be clutching my Nikon though as I have other duties to be getting on with. All gonna keep me on my tootsies and after 2 long boring weeks with bugger all to do, nice to suddenly spring back into action again. We’re gonna be busy until the end of the month which climaxes with the Electric Sunshine Project’s All Souls Ball where I will have the comfort of the Nikon!

Stay tuned for reports and thoughts this Sunday.

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