Winter draws ever closer as the weather has been reasonably cold… the cue for many to moan but I’m an exception as I LOVE colder weather… OK, tone the rain down a touch, but otherwise, I’m not complaining. And when I’m writing about the weather, it’s usually a sign there isn’t much else to be writing about!

Compared to most of September, this first week of October has been rather quiet. There are various activities and events coming up as the month plods on but at the moment, there hasn’t been much for me to be getting on with. At present, the “Meet Me At The Windmill” project is in a quiet phase… there is stuff going on behind the scenes but generally we’re waiting until the 14th which is the closing date for submissions for the project.

A couple of things of note about this week. First, the “Unframing Identities” exhibition which was due to end today has been given extra time by the RPS President Del Barrett who visited Blackpool and was hugely impressed by how Dawn, Kate, Libby and Marianne had presented it and worked hard on making it something truly special. I’m real pleased for them all and it ensures that the future looks very promising.

Secondly, you may likely have heard about the Electric Sunshine Project’s “All Souls Fundraising Ball” being staged on Halloween in the Winter Gardens. Being a major supporter of what the ESP do and having participated in various projects, Melanie Whitehead asked in a mid August email if I’d play a major role in that evening. I politely turned it down for various reasons but made it known I would gladly participate in a different role. Then there was silence. A few days ago Melanie got back to me full of apologies as she had replied to me but sent the reply to the wrong person! That mix up now resolved, I now have a role in that evening much more suited to my talents and liking. That week also sees a host of events taking place as part of Lightpool so no doubt I’ll be out and about documenting some of that.

Earlier this week was “National Poetry Day” and I groaned when I saw that on Twitter. Practically every day is “Something Something Day” to the degree of downright absurdity and you need not guess, such things don’t impress me at all. Hey, I never celebrate my own birthday nor do I bother much with Christmas! I went through my archives and published my recollections of the one time I did perform on “National Poetry Day” 20 years ago you can read here – a memorable gig to say the least! I was therefore most disappointed to find out during the afternoon through a third party that Pub Poets were holding a session that evening. Given I follow them on Twitter and aware of them on Instagram, I was rather aghast that they never bothered to even mention it on those platforms, only on Facebook and of course I don’t and won’t “do” Facebook. I do wish they’d sort this little issue out instead of assuming we’re all on Facebook.

We do need some way of being better informed in Blackpool as too often I’m finding out about meetings and events too late meaning I cannot participate or show support… it gets ANNOYING when I run into people who then ask me why I wasn’t at such and such an event. I do know of somebody who is keen to try and address this problem so we can all have some central place/site to check out to see what is happening and when instead of having to hop all over the place to get the bigger picture. We do need better co-ordination here in Blackpool.

I’m adding to the blog archives here. I’ve been writing blogs since 2001 and there’s tons of archive material that’s long gone from the net but perhaps deserve a new lease of life as of course, archivist that I am, I’ve kept copies of almost everything. I used to write satirical pieces along with basic and direct personal stuff then there’s all the old news items from the earlier version of the Brickbat Enterprises website… I’d like to thank those of you who have recently commented on my writings (you know who you are!) so will dig around and resurrect some choice items from my archives to give you all some old writings for you to delve into. Here is the first exhumation – the first blog I ever wrote, way back in April 2001. Just hit the “archive blog” tag to see what stuff gets republished…

You have been warned!

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