October is about to begin and I think many of us are thinking “blimey… where did September go?” Either that, or we’re getting older and time passes by ever quicker as before we know it, it’ll be Halloween then Christmas.

There’s not a lot to report about this week just ending. That’s not saying it’s been “uneventful” but a more relaxed affair all round where it sometimes feels like one hasn’t done much, but…

Monday saw me having a meeting with some of my creative chums carrying on the Action Learning Set we started earlier this year at LeftCoast, a monthly meeting where we discuss our current situations and if any of us are having problems with a project or whatever, we work together to help the artiste fathom a way forward. Being confidential affairs, it is not in my place to even mention what we discussed.

Tuesday, I popped in to the Electric Soul Singers to see and listen to what they’re up to. Ah yes… that was that really wet day and I got drenched in the process. Ho hum.

There’s been more behind the scenes work on the “Meet Me At The Windmill” project but at the moment, there’s not a lot to be doing whilst we await submissions, but keeping up to speed with all that.

I’ve been working more on some new music this week, completing one backing track and putting the final touches to another. I’ve been working on this project since June and now have 11 completed backing tracks awaiting vocals. I was toying with the idea of some mini album or EP project but I’m so pleased with the results so far, it’s expanding and the idea now is to complete 20 tracks in all then pick the best ones for an album type thing. I can now reveal that this is essentially a covers project, me taking a whole bunch of old hits and obscurities and giving them completely new interpretations. When I do covers, I don’t do note for note copies. What’s the point? I’ve selected songs that have meanings for me on both a personal and nostalgic level, some you may remember, some you may not and everything given my own individual touch. And I hasten to add these are songs that rarely ever get played on the radio nor been covered much, if at all. I do put some thought into what I do and some of my treatments render the songs almost unrecognisable, but THAT’S how one should do covers!

Oh, and this week saw the release of the 50th anniversary edition of The Beatles’ “Abbey Road” so might as well say something about that. Many regard it as The Beatles’ best album. I don’t. I can live happily minus all of side one excepting the Lennon gems that open and close it and whilst Side Two has its moments, most of it was simply brief bits and pieces thrown together and not for me their best examples of songwriting. The new mix of it… sigh… I personally think it’s pointless. The original album sounded excellent and I’m not very keen on what Giles Martin has done with it. Sure it gives us an alternate angle but not for the better and it still doesn’t rescue the fact that a good half of the album remains unlistenable to my critical ears. It didn’t need a remix, but hey, gotta keep milking the cash cow haven’t we? One thing I’ve noticed with Giles’ remixes is how he whacks up his Dad’s orchestrations and on “Something” and “Golden Slumbers” it’s now mixed so loud it’s ridiculous. And what the hell has he done to Ringo’s famous drum solo? That sounds bloody awful. So, no I’m not happy nor impressed. I have enjoyed what he did with some tracks off “Sgt Pepper” and the White Album but this time round… no thanks. I’ll stick to the original mixes The Beatles and George Martin did back in 1969 for the tracks I do like. And for the record, my fave track is “I Want You (She’s So Heavy)” and I know many can’t stand that one, but hey, it rocks, it’s raw, real and direct. That long ending I sometimes wonder if that was John’s parody of the annoying long ending of “Hey Jude”!

Another nauseating thing about the remix was having to listen to “Something”, “Maxwell’s Silver Hammer”, “Oh! Darling”, “Octopus’s Garden”, “Because”, and “Sun King” again, all of which I regard as being very weak numbers or in the case of “Something”, just a song I can’t stand.

Ooh, we are a grumpy git aren’t we? But hey, just my opinion. The Beatles were and will always be the greatest for me, but “Abbey Road” could never be regarded as their best album for me with a few tracks I dislike.

Away from that, I ran into various familiar friendly faces over the week and as always, a pleasure to natter and keep in touch… wish it was more often in the case of some, but… there we go.

And that’s about it for this week…

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