Blackpool feels so ALIVE right now! There’s a good vibe in the air as almost everybody I know are busy with various projects and happenings, gearing up for more activities. Weekends remain chaotic being the Illuminations season but weekdays are feeling relatively calmer with some sense of normality giving us all much needed space in which to breathe and make things happen. For me, it’s been one of my busiest weeks as I don’t think I’ve networked so much in my entire life.

Monday saw another interview for a job. That went well, way better than the calamitous one last week but waiting to hear whether or not I was successful being dragged out is frustrating. Then there was a flurry of online activities putting the final touches upon the artists brief for the project I’m co-producing and that went live on Tuesday. You can see that here… https://www.curatorspace.com/opportunities/detail/blackpool-public-art-commission-meet-me-at-the-windmill/3788  Tuesday evening had the production team meeting with a pair of artists to put them in the picture on the project and that was lovely, very good spirited with a fair amount of laughter, not to mention some interesting points raised for us to ponder upon.

Wednesday was… well… a manic rush. My job was to get the above brief listed on several websites to spread the word as the submissions end on October 14th. Cue a very busy morning with piles of email, form filling and bantering with other members of the team online. I did a good job of it though three submissions had to be “reviewed” and was informed to expect at least 5 days wait. I had a meeting with a friend in the afternoon and it’s kinda crazy as every time I set foot outside my residence, I’m running into friends and having good natters with them. Wednesday was a classic case in point.

And that’s pretty much what this week has been about. There isn’t much else to report. The three submissions we had to wait for were all published on Friday in the space of 2 hours so now we wait for responses and submissions to come in then in mid October me and the production team will go through them all, shortlisting and then we’ll submit those to a specially created panel of locals to pick the winning design.

I’ve been out every day, totting up the mileage on foot as I tend to walk everywhere. Been enjoying most of the sunsets as that hour is my personal favourite for walking in, cooling down, the dramatic sunlight followed by the Illuminations flickering into life. I have no idea how many friends I’ve ran into and nattered with over the week… a good many and common to us all is the feeling that we’re enjoying a real major spell of creative activity which is keeping us all busy.

I went out on Saturday with the Nikon only for it to end up being a rather bland session with nothing outstanding being captured and Sunday was a rather typical affair though I did start work on a new backing track, the 10th this year. Problem is, none have any vocals yet thanks to the fact that I have a complete asshole for a neighbour – 20 solid years of consecutive arsehole neighbours is getting downright wearying and to make matters worse, this current neighbour never EVER seems to leave his flat for anything longer than half an hour and I’d need a few hours to lay down some vocals, not to mention warm up my voice, so your guess is as good as mine when anything will see the light of day. I was under the belief that this neighbour was going to be evicted as he’s caused no end of trouble for other residents in the house, but as per damn usual, it appears nothing of the sort is happening. Very frustrating because the tracks are great, I’m very proud of them and there’s a great little “album” waiting to surface but external influences and all that.

Anyway, that’s yer lot news-wise for this week!

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  1. I hear ya there baz there’s a real good vibe in the air at the moment. Sadly I didn’t feel much of it during the earlier half of the week, but hey you have to get on. Hopefully catch you at soul singers tomorrow and keep smiling ☺

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