It’s been a very busy week. Unfortunately I can’t disclose many finer details about my work as of yet, but hey… we’re disciplined here so we’ll say what we can.

Monday was a mixed day. In addition to further work on the transcribing job, I had a job interview. That was a disaster and a humiliation. I was told it was at 12:30. So I turned up at 12:20 and instantly told in a gruff manner “You’re bit late!” My face dropped in horror as I insisted I was on time. They got very snotty, tapping a piece of paper “it says 12 o’clock here”. I felt like I’d been stitched up and was very embarrassed. The interview didn’t recover after that and I was sent a rejection email within 24 hours. Fine. I can live with that as this was the second time I was interviewed by them and I hadn’t been enamoured with their personality first time round, so working under them was clearly never gonna be at all fun or pleasant. It’s the first time in my life I’ve been “late” for any kind of interview or appointment. Punctuality is my middle name as anyone I’ve known across my entire life on this planet would attest.

Tuesday was spent entirely on finishing off the transcription and submitting it. They were delighted with the result and I think surprised I’d completed it so soon. It wasn’t easy but I grafted and focused on it and that ensured my mind was distracted from what was going on in the news. I was paid a little bonus as well which was great.

Wednesday, it was a switch of hats to buckle down to the first production meeting of the project I’m co-producing. That went really well. Plenty of good humour and vibes and even hints of a further project following completion of this one. It’s a very interesting project and I look forward to being able to tell you all about when it officially goes public. I can reveal the completion date is April 2020. A lot of work over the next month and I went away with a small list of things to be dealing with over the next couple of days. I had a celebratory fish and chips that evening… I was feeling very happy with it all as this project is gonna do great things and set up some new paths to pursue in future.

Thursday saw work at home on the project. I had an important email to write and send with just one snag – I couldn’t find any contact details for who I needed to send it to. The main producer set to work and found me one via their contacts and I got those details at an awkward moment as I’d gone out since I was to be performing at Dead Good Poets in St Anne’s. It was a grey, wet and windy day so had to huddle in a shelter near North Pier to re-write the email then send it to the producer for approval. It got the big thumbs up and was duly sent. I could then relax and travel to St Anne’s for the poetry.

I performed in the show as The Brian Prebble Experience. I hadn’t had any time to write anything new nor rummage through my archives so repeated a pair of pieces I did last year at Pub Poets. The first was a piece by a friend of mine, New York writer Ronald L. Smith entitled “I’m A Mental Case”. That was great fun to perform and I did it much better than last time as it breathed and flowed a lot better and the audience (around 15 people) enjoyed it. I was filming it (as is standard practice) and at the end said so to the audience and that I would be sending the clip to Ronald so why not say “hi” to him? They did! Three hours later, it was sent across the Atlantic and I woke the next morning to a cheery mail from Ronald thanking me for the clip saying he loved the performance and felt real flattered.

Friday, more work on the project over the course of the day, trying my best to keep up to date and make sure I knew exactly what I was doing as there are odd elements involved which I’ve not done before. Nice to know it’s all going well and up to scratch with everything. It’s been keeping me on my toes and ensuring I’ve been working on something worthy.

Saturday was great. A lovely laid back day I thoroughly enjoyed. For the first time since “Ride The Lights” in late August, I went out with my Nikon. First port of call was Abingdon Studios to see what Harry Clayton-Wright was up to on day 10 of his “The Fortnight” project. It was a tea party/brunch theme and I had a good chat with Harry before we were joined by a family and together enjoyed a very diverse conversation and laughs. Following that, I went to the Hive to revisit the “Unframing Identities” exhibition intent on capturing photos for my archive and trying to get some interesting shots to use online to give it further promotion as it’s been extended by a week until 6th October. Wasn’t easy getting shots that were “different” as many others have been posting a variety of pics from it but I got some interesting ones and I particularly like the candid one above featuring fellow photographer Dawn Mander. Again, an absolute pleasure chatting with her and Kate Yates. I have nothing but utmost love and respect for them, they’ve been marvellous, very welcoming and making me feel part of the family.

After that I ran into a couple of pals and enjoyed chats with them. The sun was shining and it wasn’t too hot, Blackpool was buzzing with activity… I felt extremely happy and a walk in the evening just before the Illuminations came on was utter joy. I actually prefer that hour as the sun is setting to what comes after it. Blackpool naturally was very very busy by then and though sometimes I find the chaos a bit too much to handle, it does make me feel proud and happy to call Blackpool “home”.

Sunday, I had seperate meetings with two pals who it transpired knew each other. Much positive chatter about projects and life in general. Thoroughly enjoyed it.

This week just about to start, more work on the project awaits along with an important meeting and I have another interview tomorrow which can’t possibly go any worse than the last one I had!

Life is good. Blackpool is thriving and pulsing with creative energy!

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