September has gotten off to a great start and I loved how straight away it established that Autumn had arrived as there were a few days of grey and windy weather which sent the temperatures trickling down to something much more to my liking.

Monday was a blissfully happy day. I was feeling very content and happy. I ran into a few friends during my wanderings and they could see I was much brighter. I had plenty to be thinking about and working towards on a creative level most notably the project I mentioned last time which I’ve started work on which has required a bit of re-acclimatisation mentally, growing into my new role. It kinda feels novel but it also carries a big responsibility too and was perhaps a little apprehensive, treading gingerly trying not to make any blunders. Much work went on behind the scenes more in an administrative capacity and there was a fair bit to be learning. Still, it’s nice to be entrusted with this and was also good the main client mailed me personally to expresss gratitude for my getting involved. Again, I’m unable to tell you anything about what it’s about at the moment but all will be revealed either next month or in November. A LOT of work awaits.

Monday afternoon I decided to pop into the Hive to check out the “Representation On The Line : (Un)framing Our Identities” exhibition featuring the RPS Hundred Heroines. Head here for a review of the exhibition. I was stunned and impressed, taking over an hour just to explore the first floor which was very intense on my concentration since being a photographer myself, well, you know how it is when confronted with hundreds of original photos for scrutiny as each contain stories and concepts which drew me into their worlds. However there was another level above full of work and decided I would have to pay a second visit to give it all a fair and equal viewing. The Re-Arrested Development team have done a truly stunning job and it’s thrilling to see an exhibition of this magnitude and scope here in Blackpool.

Did I mention that sand in the face and eyes apart, I was loving the heavy winds that were raging? Yes, some of you might remember I’m not exactly the biggest fan of heat and sunshine!

Tuesday was mostly spent chained to my PC doing bits of admin work and much email correspondence relating to the project as well as instigating a personal meeting with a fellow local creative who I’ve encountered many times but never actually spoken to. A meeting is on the cards so that promises to be interesting. Of course Tuesday, it goes without saying, virtually all of us were having mixed feelings about what was going down in Westminster. Shocking stuff… I’ll once again remind you all that I do not and will not engage in any kind of political conversation or debate for a variety of reasons but let’s just simply say for reasons of trying to maintain positive mental health since if I start thinking about or get discussing politics, I can get angry and negative… life is too short, did all the angry young man stuff when I was younger… and… well, that’s all I will say about all that.

At the end of the evening I was offered a curious proposition which sounded unusual and replied in the affirmative…

Wednesday was pretty much Tuesday reheated and Thursday saw work on the project come to a halt for a few days, the next step being an important production meeting and we’re now waiting on certain organisations so until they get back to us, there’s not much we can do for now.

Thursday was a nightmare as Yahoo went offline completely and yep, I conduct most of my business using my Yahoomail address so that had me a little worried as I couldn’t access important mails nor see if I had any updates. I also spent a fair amount of time trying to sort out a headache with my website. I added this new blog and the photo one to my website using WordPress plug ins but for technical reasons I cannot understand, the rest of my website is fast but accessing this blog or the photos triggers unhealthily long loading times. I’m not at all happy about this. I have tried various methods and trick to try and resolve the issue. It has improved slightly, but not enough for my liking so apologies if you get bored waiting for the pages to load. I am trying to sort this out but appears to be technical guff I can’t quite decipher or get to the bottom of… it’s been tedium central trying out various methods and tricks… gah… web-editing is great for defying logic. Grrr…

Friday saw me in full on “happy” mode yet again so took in the second half of the Hive exhibition and had a great private chat with Dawn Mander about the exhibition and other things. I left positive feedback and took them by surprise when I posted an arty “selfie” based on exhibits in a washroom which Dawn and Kate Yates were impressed by! I guess it took me by surprise too as I’m not in any way a selfie freak and avoid them as much as possible. That could trigger off a whole rant and load of thoughts but hey, I’m in a good mood so I’ll spare you that.

I was given an interview for the following Monday for some job… whilst I do have these odd bits of paid work, it’s not going to pay my rent or bills and one needs regular income so spent the week job hunting which is always as fun as a bad toothache.

I finally had a response to my interest in that proposition. All I will say is it’s a transcribing job… transcribing an interview for future publication on a website that’s nothing to do with mine. It’s an interesting interview involving a childhood hero. However, it is an epic interview as well. I’ve never done transcribing before and this was to be and is proving to be a challenge. I would start work on that on Saturday and decided to head out for a walk to take in the Illuminations… I’d learnt earlier in the week that only one side of the Blackpool Tower, the west side facing the sea is being illuminated as the council have – with wondrous timing – decided to start changing the lightbulbs. It defies all logic. It’s a busy time of year where tons of people flock to see the Illuminations and NOT being able to see the Tower lit up from a distance is utterly insane given they’ve had all year so far to do the work but no, they wait till the Illuminations start then start work. DUH!?!?!

Saturday was a very long day indoors working on the transcription. Very challenging to say the least demanding my complete focus and attention and it was duly given enabling me to complete a third of the whole thing. An evening wander was rather refreshing following that and today, more work and have now passed the halfway point. I’m aiming to have it completed by Wednesday… tomorrow I have that interview so won’t have as much time to work on it.

All in all, a busy week for me and in general kinda setting the foundations for the next few months. If I’m busy, I’m happy. One final observation – over the last ten days I have run into a whole load of friends and people I know here in Blackpool and corresponded online with several more. So? This is a complete reversal of where I was in life this time just two years ago when I was living in a small village in Lincolnshire… I lived there for four and a half years and I have spoken to more people in the last ten days than I did in those years living in that village. I am not joking… and the few years preceding that, from 2007 onward weren’t exactly sociable years either. It all reminds me of how my life has turned around completely over the last two years as it was at the start of October 2017 that I decided I needed to relocate and start afresh in Blackpool.

And on we keep progressing. It’s all very exciting!

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