And After That Little Teabreak…

September! At last! The Illuminations are now in full swing and we’ve entered my favourite period of the year as the weather cools down and Blackpool “feels” more interesting for me. This month also marks the 40th anniversary of my first ever visit, a week long holiday in some B+B around Watson Road in South Shore. There would be many visits over the next 29 years usually day trips taking in the Illuminations. It’s kinda funny now I live here watching the s-l-o-w moving traffic at weekends and remembering I’d done that crawl many times. One thing that was consistent with every visit was a feeling of sadness leaving. There would be no visits from November 2008 for 7 years after which they became more frequent and the feeling remained the same… queuing in Blackpool North station to travel home, feeling low. After more doses of this, I began to wonder if it was some kind of subliminal message! Now, I witness visitors wheeling their suitcases towards the station and almost all of them look MISERABLE! Regardless to say, I made the move in February 2018 and have never looked back.

Enough of the misty eyed sentimental crud!

I’m glad to see August reduced to recent memory. Not the best of months as I ended up having to step aside and take a complete break. Problem is with us creatives is many of us don’t do relaxation at all well. We like to be kept busy and our minds rarely ever stop. Whilst many enjoy evenings watching telly, gaming, drinking etc, I find it hard to indulge in such things because I’d rather be working on my next bit of writing, music, be editing and so on. To have all my creative steam dissipated almost in the blink of an eye was disconcerting, leaving me feeling bereft and grumpy. What doesn’t help is August being a quiet month. The Electric Sunshine Project, Dead Good Poets and others took their own breaks so there wasn’t anything to fall back on to keep me sustained during a difficult period. Having to lay low and keep quiet was not easy or pleasurable but a necessity in order to heal the wounds and recharge. Fortunately, we’ve come through the trough and things began to perk up in the final days of the month so we’re now ready and raring to blaze on for the remainder of 2019. Hurrah!

Though I’m giving the impression I’ve been some kind of a zombie, there has been work going on behind the scenes which I can now go public with.

First, we’re gonna be changing our activities at Instagram. Posts there will be much more sporadic centered more towards promotion as opposed to my photography. The photography will instead be posted on a new photo blog which can be found here…

Hope you all like this new format and now it’s under my control, integrated within the Brickbat Enterprises website, you can finally start seeing my work in vastly superior quality. And if you’re reading this, then you will know I’ve created this new superior blog template thanks to WordPress so all new posts will be appearing here. All the old content is already here – with some minor modifications and removal of outdated stuff. The Brickbat Enterprises website has been accordingly tweaked to incorporate these changes. It’s surprising how I wasn’t really making the most of my webhosting deal via Hostinger as it allows various plug-ins and add ons which we have now taken advantage of giving me ever more control over how I present myself and my work online.

So, in spite of everything, I did spend a fair bit of time working “under the bonnet” to prepare for the future. 

During the final week of August I did head out and about with my Nikon to start recharging my creativity. On Tuesday the 27th, it was the “Ride The Lights” night and that was a rather surreal experience. As you all probably know, the evening ended badly with a tram accident when some young bike rider ended up under a tram, critically injured. There has since been much debate about safety, whether the accident could have been prevented and whilst we still don’t know the full story behind what actually happened and why, I am sad to say as a spectator throughout the evening I was dismayed and shocked at how many were being foolish and careless veering on and off the tram tracks. There was one large gang of youths who were deliberately being abusive, disruptive and obnoxious playing games of chicken with the trams the entire evening as well as constantly getting in the way of other cyclists. Accidents CAN be prevented if a proportion of bike riders stopped being careless.


Whilst a great photo opportunity, the cyclists – correction : the many thousands of cyclists – were the least interesting element for me so didn’t get as many photos of them as you might expect. The Electric Soul Singers could be found performing amongst the mayhem and they were also plugging a fundraising event which is occurring on 31st October – the All Souls Ball occurring inside the Winter Gardens. You can find some details about that here. The Electric Sunshine Project’s drop in drama group is slated to return soon so am looking forward to that. I have to admit once again I’ve found working with TESP an absolute pleasure and I’m far from alone in feeling that way, so do check them out and keep an eye on what they’re up to!

On a completely different note, I’m very excited and pleased to announce I have just begun a new project in the role of trainee production co-ordinator. I’m not revealing what the project is yet until all involved go public but this is a great opportunity which will be of enormous benefit. Thanks to the lovely lady who thought of me and gave me the role, I will be gaining experience in various areas I’m not so skilled in. I will let you know more as and when applicable.

So, September sees activities resuming or starting and one is set to be occupied for the remainder of 2019. Update your bookmarks to catch forthcoming photos and news to keep informed with the various exciting things that are happening!

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