Service Announcement…

Hi everyone and thought I’d let you all know that for the remainder of August there will be no further news updates, Instagram posts or Brickbat related activities.

This is thanks to a situation that’s been going on beneath the surface for far too long, the resolution of which was not to my satisfaction. It’s caused immense stress and inconvenience and whilst those closest to me have been wonderful with their support and understanding, it’s still left me feeling very isolated. Trying to act as politely and professionally about it is not easy as it means I cannot disclose any details as to what this is all about. One sad result is I have had to cut some ties and scrap two major projects I was working on.

The biggest problem is it’s left me completely drained of creativity. For a few months I had been building up steam and momentum, blazing along nicely then in one fell swoop, all that energy turned to poison. I’m slowly clearing my system of the poison but it means I’m back at square one and have to start up the long tedious process of getting myself back on track and waste a ton more time to rebuild all that creative energy. That’s now hampered by the fact I’m being forced to channel what energy I do have into much more mundane heavy matters that I should NOT be having to contend with hence a fair amount of resentment.

One major decision I’ve made is that my days as a freebie photographer are over. I’ve given away tons of my time and work over my life, and now enough is enough. Time I had some RESPECT. I’ll still snap what I wanna snap when I want, but requests/jobs will be refused unless there is payment, so all future photography work I display online will be watermarked.

I could blather on a lot more about this but to do so would lead to me saying too much. It’s not been pleasurable writing this entry but felt an explanation of sorts was vital so those of you who do encounter me in the coming weeks will understand why I’m not quite being my usual cheerful self at the moment.

Hopefully we’ll return sometime in September. Catch you then.

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