After a few very active weeks and weekends, this week just ending has been the complete reverse. It’s almost as if everything has grinded to a complete halt. There have been some events I could have gone along to and photographed but none appealed to me at all.

For most, this week will be remembered chiefly for two things : the weather and Boris. I don’t waste my time or energy discussing politics in public and all I will say about this situation is “God help us!” As for the weather, well… very extreme to say the least with a few hot days which I found unbearable (remember, I HATE hot weather) then the weekend slammed everything into reverse with constant grey and rain. Nice to be able to breathe again.

All this weather waffle is indicative of the fact that people blather on about it for the sake of talking when they have nothing to say and unfortunately, there isn’t much to say here about this week and to find myself with a week where there was nothing was a little disconcerting. Oh, there were a couple of meetings but out of respect and confidentiality, can say nothing about those.

I have been working on some more backing tracks, trying out some new ideas and tricks and I’m really pleased how they’re coming along. 9 tracks are now awaiting my vocals to ruin the finely crafted things! Problem with living in a flat contained within a large house is the moment I start singing, other neighbours are likely to wonder what the hell’s going on, so no idea when I will get round to that task.

I’ve also been stock-taking, wading through the many hours of video I’ve shot this month. There is tons of material from Wordpool, Dead Good Poets, North Pier and Fleetwood Spare Parts, sometimes around 10-15 minutes of each act I focused upon… all shot in HD quality as well which has guzzled up a large chunk of hard drive space. The Blackpool Carnival Parade, and the Fleetwood Parade were both filmed in their entirety so there’s a lot of great material which will be much more of interest in years to come as right now, interest in such footage is minimal or non-existent. Me and my habits, but rather that than being a useless vegetable sat all day and night in front of the TV… like some of my neighbours.

This week just starting looks like more of the same, except for Friday 2nd August. Those of you who know me personally know what’s happening then, but can’t really say anything about it publically yet but am hopeful as it could be a life-changing day.

And that’s the end of the snooze…

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