Hmmm. Not quite sure what to make of this week just ending. It had it’s moments… both good and bad. Change is definitely in the air but at present I’m not entirely sure where it will lead me… I dunno. I can’t really talk too much about this stuff at the moment.

Monday evening, I completed work on my film of the North Pier performance piece “Postcards from the Past” which I did with Electric Sunshine Project. That was a lot harder to pull off than I thought as I had two performances shot from different angles, so visually I had everything that was featured in the show BUT the soundtrack was a serious problem and all my technical expertise couldn’t rescue much of it… then of course each performance was slightly different, different positions, different lines and pacing so that meant some serious creative editing decisions. I’m really pleased with the finished result and it’s a great keepsake and record of the show. Just a shame about the sound.

Tuesday was choir rehearsal… and I’ve decided it’s time to take another break from it for a little while.

Wednesday was another regular tea session with my friend Laura discussing all manner of this and that’s. Also much dialogue this week with Tom Wright. He’s started up a venture called “Rubbish Gym” – the idea of this is simple – to try and keep our beaches clean as doing so gives one exercise and promotes a better state of wellbeing and mental health. I’ve gotten onboard with this to help Tom make some kind of promo video to give it some promotion as I do have some decent equipment which would give very professional results, so been plenty of discussion about that and the gym idea in general.

Thursday was a rare day off during which I did very little. I don’t LIKE such days but occasional ones are necessary whether one likes it or not, to give chance to chill and recharge. Unfortunately, that ended up being a complete waste as disaster struck at 01:25 Friday morning when I was suddenly woken by the fire alarm screaming and flashing away. Some PRAT had come into our house and smashed one of the alarms as a prank. Cue much consternation amongst my neighbours as we frantically fiddled with the alarm unit to try and switch the damn thing off with zero success. So… we had NO sleep at all as the landlords were totally disinterested in sending someone out and the issue dragged on for FOURTEEN HOURS. Yes, 14 solid hours of these alarms screeching away which made it impossible to sleep or do anything else. I stuffed in earplugs but even they couldn’t fully smother the awful noise so was unable to get any further sleep.

Friday morning was in the words of Melanie Whitehead “the most boring birthday party ever!” Not quite true as that dubious honour applies to my 22nd birthday party. A true disaster where all the guests I hoped to turn up didn’t bother leaving me with a handful who didn’t gel at all. After just 5 minutes I wanted to leave my own party.

Anyway, back to Friday and this “party” was a gathering on the 3rd birthday of the Electric Sunshine Project to discuss progress and the future. I can’t help but get the feeling some were bewildered how quiet I was throughout as I barely said a word nor contributed much other than nattering with some chums. There was a vote for something and Melanie was baffled why I didn’t bother to vote at all. When asked, I replied “I have no opinion on this” which was true…


Why? It’s the way I am. We were presented with a lot of facts and figures. Many ideas discussed. I sat there with my eyes and ears open, and my mouth firmly shut. I was absorbing all this information and it’s not the sort of information upon which I can offer an instant judgement. I need to digest it all first before I comment or offer anything and there was no way I was able to do so during that morning. Sure enough I do have a whole load of thoughts, ideas and opinions formulated since then having now fully digested it all which I may type and send personally to Melanie as I do like what they’re doing and think it’s got a great future ahead in many ways. Mind you I was a lot more vocal towards the end as a pressing discussion about something else came up.

Returning home from that to find the fire alarm was still raging away was not at all funny as I immediately had to pay a visit to my letting agents to complain and make my displeasure known. The misery finally ended at 15:30… but come on, 14 solid hours is a bad unfair joke so Friday was definitely a mixed day. There was one surprise in store as whilst the alarm saga was reaching it’s conclusion, unknown to me in the BBC Radio Lancashire studio, Tom Wright was live on air being interviewed where he talked about Rubbish Gym and gave me an honorary mention! He sent me a link later that evening and I downloaded the show and was stunned to listen to the interview!

Saturday was an odd day where I was presented with a choice of photo opportunities. It was the day of the Blackpool Carnival Parade. I covered that last year as well as the Bispham Gala. Unfortunately this year, both were occurring on the same day meaning I could only cover one of the events. Truth be told, I didn’t enjoy Bispham Gala last year as I’m not into floats featuring very young “Carnival Queens” – I thought such stuff had ceased so found it all a bit peculiar and dare I say, boring experience. So, I opted for the Carnival Parade which I duly snapped a load of pics of, as well as filming it all on my spare phone… just like I did last year.


I covered the parade starting at the Solaris Centre where the weather played one of it’s pranks with heavy wind then drizzle kicking in moments before the parade began. I then dashed to Bond Street to snap the parade near it’s ending point. I’m sure the paraders and organisers enjoyed themselves but it felt a little flat to me with no sense of occasion. Barely anybody was on Bond Street to watch it.

Later on, I checked out the festivities on the Waterloo front where there was a portable stage, mini funfair, a few stalls and worst of all, a small DJ stage. I dunno… I felt something was lacking and that the whole parade and carnival could had been better and busier.


“Busy” was definitely the word for today, the SpareParts Festival 2019 finale in Fleetwood! I was acting as photographer and had complete free rein over the day. So much was going on, I managed to capture a lot, but not everything/everybody. What I DID capture was 508 photos and a staggering 2 and a quarter hours worth of video footage. I’m rather tired having spent the whole day snapping away, then this evening editing photos so will leave it till next time to go into better details… I’ve still got to type up my JOURNAL for today. Argh! The work never ends!

However, what I will say for now, it was a glorious lovely day. I was with a whole bunch of friends, encountering some I’ve known but hadn’t yet met before such as Brendan Bunting and it was a very happy and funny day. I laughed loads. So much fun and good vibes in the air. Some of my Electric Sunshine Project pals were working with Urban Furniture Perspective on “Mad Max Prams” and I think Melanie Whitehead was delighted by how my colleagues rose to the occasion during the parade. I trailed them and had a wonderful time capturing their maniacal antics and shots will appear over the next few days on Instagram.

So, the week ends on a high… and this new week… it’s set to be the quietest I’ve had in a while…

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