This week just ending has been utterly unbelievable, full of positive energy, good vibes and progression. I began the Brickbat Enterprises website 4 years ago this month and it feels like a lifetime ago as back then, I was existing as a recluse in a small village in Lincolnshire going absolutely nowhere in my life. I honestly could never had predicted how things would change and this has been hammered home many times lately.

It’s been a long epic week. Recording continues on my new project… the pace seems to have slowed a little not only because I’ve been busy elsewhere but been spending tons of time experimenting with all manner of mixes that are piling up each of which get tweaked and refurbished next time round as I hone them into miniature works of art, oozing a sense of sophistication my music has never had before. I’m trying to remember how vocal harmonies work without much luck. When I was a member of the I-Choir in Liverpool, it gave me the best lesson in how harmonies are constructed as some of the songs we sang had rather complex 3 or 4 part arrangements and how I wish I could get back into that mode where I could sing harmonies.

Tuesday… I went with Linda Hampton to St Anne’s where we had a delightful pot of tea and a good chinwag about this and that before the main reason we were there – a meeting Linda had set up for me with Jay and Philippa, the owners of the Urban Arts gallery. If only all meetings could be so laid back and delightful. We got along great – I was impressed with their knowledge, warmth and sense of humour as we discussed a major idea of mine. They not only loved it but also agreed to allow me to put it into action! This is going to be a major project for me which will require a fair bit of work and I’m aiming to have it ready for September… watch this space!

Linda drove me back to Blackpool. As the meeting had gone so well, I was short of time, unable to grab my traditional fish and chips before the penultimate drop in drama session which was focused on the North Pier project we’re working on. That is to take place on July 13th and looks like we’ll be doing 3 performances of a piece lasting around 15 minutes. Various ideas were looked at and experimented with which as always was good fun. It will be sad when the drama sessions conclude next week for the forseeable future though we do have a couple of lengthy rehearsal sessions before the performance.

Wednesday was inevitably a much quieter day mostly at home recording and generally feeling REALLY happy. Thursday was a little unexpected! I’d arranged to meet my poet/artist friend Laura as usual for a natter in the Hive. There was to be an exhibition opening in the evening of works by Poulton based Dylan Cross and Laura and I were delighted to share the company of Dawn Mander, Kate Yates and for a little while, Robin Ross. It was wonderful – much good bantering about all manner of things mostly related to Blackpool creativity. Laura and I were present for the exhibition opening which had a good turnout and we enjoyed networking and having a good look at the work on display. However, at the back of my mind there was something else brewing and fermenting.

Friday morning saw me hard at work on something I can’t talk about at present. A possible new direction for the future is all I will say, so was a rather concentrated effort for me to the degree I got my head down at 9am then next time I looked at the time it was 13:30 and task completed. All now in “the lap of the Gods” as they say… whoever “they” may be.


Saturday, more music work and I went out for a session with the Nikon where I chanced upon an odd sight on the beach – a bunch of around 25 blokes playing rounders dressed in stripey old style bathing costumes. No idea what that was about or who they were but the large pile of crates of beer they had… well… that’s their business, not mine. I do hope they did the decent thing and took their empties with them. As sunny, warm and glorious the weather was, alas I suffer hay fever and the air was thick with pollen so couldn’t stay out too long which was a pity but…. there we go.

Sunday, another meeting with Laura and as ever, many plots, schemes and theories discussed!

The next few weeks look set to be very busy, especially over the weekends. There’s two rehearsals for the North Pier show (which means having to miss out on the Armed Forces parade), Wordpool in Stanley Park, Blackpool Carnival and the biggie – SpareParts in Fleetwood for Tram Sunday. No doubt I’ll be getting all manner of interesting pictures whilst enjoying new experiences and laughs along the way!


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