After last week’s almost dour update, the complete reverse I’m pleased to say. One of my more active weeks which after several weeks of near inactivity felt like a relief as I don’t do “relaxation” at all well. I HAVE to keep myself busy and when I’m idle, I get too broody and unhappy.

May is a month I’m glad to see the back of. Very complex and longwinded to go into why but one factor was being conscious it was the 30th anniversary of Keith Nadin, aged just 18 taking his life. Keith was VERY important to me as it was he in early 1986 suggested we formed an acoustic duo. I had sod all musical talent but he saw SOMETHING in me and was very encouraging and I dare say it was the combined efforts of Keith and music teacher Jeffery Babb who sent me off on a completely new adventure that sent my life in a direction I wasn’t quite expecting and I believe if it weren’t for them, I wouldn’t be typing this now. Keith… God bless him. I still wonder what went wrong for him as his death was an unexpected bolt out the blue and as is obvious, I still think of, and miss him.

Anyway… back to this week just ending.

Tuesday saw me heading to Central Library where after an absence of a few weeks, I joined in with the Electric Soul Singers for a rehearsal… followed by a live performance in the library itself!


Slightly nervewracking as there were 2 songs I was totally unfamiliar with but being of a musical mind, I did manage to pick up and suss out the melodies so didn’t screw up. Melanie Whitehead was in front of us, filming and taking odd snapshots, all the while reminding us – as only she can – to keep smiling, relax and enjoy ourselves. It went well and I enjoyed it… I still have no idea quite what it was that caused me to get a little giggly towards the end of the last song but hey… we were all in good spirits and glad to accomplish the mission.

I then dashed home for a quick break and was back out to grab some much needed FISH AND CHIPS before attending the Drop In Drama session which was centered on “Romeo and Juliet” which was great fun and nice to be back within the mob as we get along real well.

Wednesday saw me meeting up with my poet/artist friend who was buzzing from a very positive meeting. She is finally starting to emerge and planning to display her artwork in public which I believe will be well received. I can’t say too much about it as of yet… it is very individual yet Universal. We are discussing creating and building a webpage to help her with promotion via the Brickbat Enterprises website so will keep you all posted on that.

Meanwhile, I had a few emails and messages. Had a curious one from Melanie regarding puppetry at SpareParts in Oldham on 8th June. It sounded intriguing and a challenge so have agreed to that. Then my pal Linda Hampton and I exchanged various messages about a few things during which I agreed to pop along to a night she was hosting at St Anne’s Urban Arts Gallery – “One Night With Leonard” devoted to one of her all time heroes Leonard Cohen. How often do such shows come along? So I went along to that last night and a nice mellow affair that was…


A host of nice performances by Linda, Tanya, Jules, Kate, Jessica and Catlow and kinda charming hearing some of these songs again after a long time. Fun too to catch up with Linda, Claire Griffiths Walmsley and Catlow and it occurred to me this was a rarity for me as I can’t quite remember the last time I went out to an event on a Saturday night so was a very pleasant change and a fitting way to end a much better and more active week. This week coming sees more work with the choir and drop in drama, the reboot of Pub Poets at the Bootleg on Thursday and of course SpareParts in Oldham on Saturday.

So… things are looking up.


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