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As I type, the dreaded Britney Spears is onstage in front of the Blackpool Tower. A very chaotic weekend in Blackpool as last night saw the big “Illuminations Switch On” concert where Alfie Boe flicked the switch and triggered the world famous Blackpool Illuminations for 2018. They will be on each night until November 4th and it’s this time of the season that is my personal fave in Blackpool as a certain vibe permeats the air, not easy to define or describe but… I enjoy it. Last night had a cracking atmosphere and I was wandering around, snapping photos having a great time. Tonight was similar but atmosphere not quite as magical. I’m still chuckling from a chat I had in my fave cafe with the waitress who usually serves me. We got talking about the chaos the Britney show had caused, bringing traffic around the town to a standstill due to security measures and many roads being inaccessible. The waitress then leaned towards me and began murmuring, not wanting anyone else to hear her tell me “And I’ve heard she won’t be singing you know…” followed by a swift roll of the eyes. I just saw a tweet which reported the unfortunate fact that Britney thought she was in Birmingham then quickly amending it to Blackpool… Hmmm.

Anyway, enough about THAT as by the time you read this, Britney will have been and gone. Earlier in the day I found myself in Blackpool’s Central Library to check out a public meeting introducing a spectacular show that is to be staged on October 26th entitled “RUSH” – it’s a very ambitious community dance piece by Southpaw Dance Company that was staged last year in Hull and LeftCoast has managed to arrange for it to be staged in Blackpool during the LightPool festival. I took my camera along and got some nice snaps of the meeting which led into a light-hearted communal dance. I was more than happy to slink into the sidelines and go into reporter mode with the camera! I have signed up as a LeftCoast volunteer for the forthcoming event and it promises to be a most interesting experience. You can read more details about it all here.

I was also at LeftCoast on Tuesday for a one to one clinic session with the delightful Alexis Johnson to discuss a project idea of mine. It was very interesting and very positive. What was fascinating was the fact I went in with one project in mind and left with a completely different one, much more suited to my talents! This was thanks to my admissal that I didn’t WANT to do the project I was proposing stating I felt it was one I HAD to pursue. Out of it came something much better and personally more exciting. Hopefully over time I will be able to reveal more but let’s just say it gave me a big boost of confidence and hope.

September is guaranteed to be a much more active month than August. After the performance of “Sandgrown Tails”, I felt rather lost as photography apart, there was absolutely nothing creative projects wise to engage me. Because I wasn’t busy, I grew a bit cranky and frustrated. It was a temporal stopgap I didn’t really want or appreciate. Thankfully now September is here, activities start to mount up again and my diary is starting to fill up. Just one of many reasons why I moved here – I’m happy and at my best when I’m BUSY.

Of course my adventures will be chronicled here and over on Twitter and Instagram and fair to say Brickbat Enterprises is entering an interesting and decisive period.

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