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At last… a grey rainy day! I know most of you love the sunshine and heat, but I’m relieved to have a break from the monotony and its very upsetting seeing how brown and dead grass looks thanks to the never ending heatwave. But enough on the weather…

Last Sunday’s Tram Sunday/Spare Parts Festival event in Fleetwood was fascinating and enjoyable. I’ve no idea how many turned up… last year’s estimate was 70,000 and can well believe it matched it this year. It was a pleasure working as part of the LeftCoast Makers team, always good to have a laugh and a banter with them. I was one of the helpers on the Virtual Reality Swing experience… or whatever it was called and naturally, got to have a go to get an idea of what it was about. Oh dear… I was in a tiny minority who couldn’t handle it. I started swinging, the visuals started and I immediately felt rather sick and screamed “get me off!” It was interesting observing how others reacted, mostly favourably.

Then I was circulating around a car park where various stunt displays were going on which made me queasy just standing with my two feet on the ground seeing these people risk life and limb in the name of entertainment. I certainly wasn’t expecting to be in the parade itself and that felt most peculiar walking along, waving a flag and seeing thousands of phones and cameras staring at me. Mind you, never one to miss an opportunity, I snapped photos of all that as we went along and got some intriguing results. Some of the best photos can be seen on Instagram. A long, hot and tiring day but with a great vibe which I thoroughly enjoyed.

Last night saw the final class – in the series of six – of Tania Hershman’s short story writing workshop. A pleasant course I found challenging, but feel sad to admit it failed to re-ignite my interest in creative story writing. A real shame as I hoped the course might help me get back into it as I excelled at story writing as a kid and teen but… times change, we move on. The various bits and pieces I wrote on the course I think can safely be locked away in one of my bits and pieces folders never to be seen again!

And now Blackpool enters full chaos season as virtually all the kids in the UK are now on their summer holidays. Always my least favourite time of the year, it’s gonna be interesting to see how I fare living with it on a daily basis in Blackpool. Still, I have plenty to be keeping me active and amused and no doubt will get tons more photos. Just a pity there’s no theatre shows I fancy seeing and it galls me to see the Grand Theatre being wasted on some Abba tribute act for eight solid weeks.

Ah well… always something to be grumpy about I suppose.

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