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Last Saturday saw Wordpool’s Most Marvellous Family Day in Stanley Park where I took part as a volunteer with LeftCoast Makers. It was terrific fun. Quite a few fascinating spectacles, the highlight for me being Adambara and Zhim by Curious Creations which is a walkabout show featuring a mouse and a baby elephant. With temperatures over 25 degrees I couldn’t help but wonder and worry about the chap inside the elephant and I did witness him removing the costume. I don’t think I’ve ever seen anyone produce so much sweat in my entire life! It was nice seeing plenty of people enjoying what was going on and a real shame around 14:30 it gradually grew quieter because most rushed off to watch television instead. Was nice to banter/work alongside people like Sandra Mangan, Jill Reidy, Linda Hampton and Melanie Whitehead (to name a few) who contributed to the day. A memorable occasion, lovely surroundings, great (if hot) weather, plenty of great photos taken and a grand time had by all. I look forward to next year.

This Sunday, I will be with LeftCoast Makers again, this time in Fleetwood for the day long Tram Sunday/Spare Parts Festival. This is apparently a popular event spanning the entire day and will be my first time witnessing it. Goodness knows what I’ll be doing yet but am looking forward to it. Plenty going on, a spectacle for people of all ages.

Next week will see the conclusion of the short story writing course led by Tania Hershman. It’s been a very interesting experience, trying to find my feet again in the realm of fictional writing. I tend to either write downright random surreal nonsense or stuff based on characters or episodes from my own life. Safe to say you won’t be getting any novels out of me just yet but plenty of food for thought, gotten me writing to order and I enjoy the challenges Tania has put to us.

My Mum has been grumbling a lot lately as she’s not seen me since I moved in February. There was a small window where I was due to travel only for the Northern Rail idiots to screw it up completely and since then, train travel has been too perilous. I travel by train because I HATE travelling longer than an hour on buses. During Mum’s latest grumble I had to admit that finding a window of time long enough to justify a three plus hour cross country journey and 2 or 3 days of quality time is currently impossible because I’m busy most of the time. I can understand why she’s a bit peeved about the situation but it was one of the main reasons I moved to Blackpool – I knew I’d be kept BUSY. After years of living in a part of the country where virtually nothing happens and there is nothing to do, I am loving every minute of it. Good to have a pulse, be dashing about, getting healthy (I’ve shed almost one and a half stone thanks to a gym regime), meeting people, witnessing events, learning, being creative, performing.

It goes without saying that 2018 so far has been my best and busiest year since 1999. I was doubting whether I would enjoy one year in this bizarre 21st Century! Blackpool is HOME. I belong here and it means so much to me to actually be living in a place where I feel useful, human and alive.

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