Brickbat Enterprises is a TOTALLY INDEPENDENT Blackpool based venture encompassing and celebrating all areas of the creative arts - music, poetry, photography, dance, drama, art, video and more. It is also home of The Brian Prebble Experience, my personal performance art project.

It began back in 1989 as an umbrella vehicle for my musical endeavours. In recent years, I sought out interesting original musical talent with the aim of helping to promote and give them some much needed exposure via this website and social media.

I relocated to Blackpool in February 2018. Blackpool is known for a great many things but what isn't known or acknowledged nationally (yet) is that it is home to a wonderful and diverse creative culture encompassing a wide range of talents who love Blackpool that wish to help put it on the creative map. Brickbat Enterprises is my own contribution to help showcase and bring attention to some of these talents as well as promote my own endeavours. We have millions of visitors every year and the town never sleeps as there is constant activity all year round. There is much more to Blackpool than the stereotypical things that come to mind for most people (Tower, beaches, rock, fish and chips, piers, Pleasure Beach etc) and Brickbat Enterprises is proud to become a part of this local creative hub, intent on proving that Blackpool genuinely R-O-C-K-S! We want visitors to come back again and again, explore and enjoy the many great talents and events it has to offer.

This website will help showcase talents and events via regular news updates, blog articles, reviews and more whilst I maintain a pro-active presence, constantly seeking new opportunities and ways to expand and progress.
This website © 2015-2019 Brickbat Enterprises.
This website © 2015-2019 Brickbat Enterprises.