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Hi, my name's Baz.

I began my creative adventures at the earliest age. I was one of those for whom creativity was in my blood and in my earliest years, Art was my main medium. Unfortunately due to options at school, I was forced to choose between Art or Music. I had a promising future as an Artist but was crap at Music.

I chose Music. That set me off on a long and winding road that continues to this day which has seen me dabble with many different forms of creative art. Click on the links next to my photo above to get brief snapshots of some of the things I get up to.

I moved to Liverpool in 1998 and quickly made a name for myself there becoming a much respected and feared solo performer. Just when it looked like I was gonna move onward and upward, health issues crashed down upon me and put me out of action. In 2006 I attempted to start again only to get conned into fronting a punk band for one year which was a disaster. When that ended, I joined a choir and began investigating drama, but health issues again got in the way and I had to leave Liverpool in 2010. The next few years... nothing happened but I kept on writing.

In 2017, it became clear to me I had reached a dead end in life. It was time to re-engage with my creativity but the only way to do that was to relocate. I ended up choosing Blackpool as my new home. Since moving here at the end of February 2018, life has become very interesting again. I have returned to performing, am learning new things, networking, indulging in photography and plotting some new schemes and projects.

One question I'm often asked is "who inspires you?" It's never an easy one to answer, but this little list below sheds light on some of my inspirations and influences...

Syd Barrett, John Lennon, Frank Zappa, Vivian Stanshall, Miles Davis,
Duke Ellington, Roy Wood, Del Shannon, Kevin Ayers, Spike Milligan, Peter Sellers, Kenneth Williams, Tommy Cooper, Les Dawson, Roger McGough, Alma Cogan, Joe Meek, Robert Fripp, Diana Rigg, Yoko Ono, Joyce Grenfell, Nico, Eleanor Bron, Hayley Blackledge, Ray Davies, Bryan Ferry, Charles Dickens, Bob Monkhouse, John Noakes, Marc Bolan, Phil Ochs, Scott Walker, Peter Cook
and many more...