September 17th 2015
We went to see KING CRIMSON's two shows at the Lowry Theatre in Salford last weekend.

Definitely an experience never to be forgotten!

Click on the tour poster to read a comprehensive review of both shows.
October 23rd 2015
We're thrilled to finally take delivery of, and review the first ever anthology of the work of the legendary and wonderful singer/songwriter

However, you'll need to be quick to snap up a copy! Click the album photo to read our thoughts on the CD and Honey.
May 1st 2016
A REAL exclusive - the first ever review of Passion Bel Canon's debut EP "LIGHTS" which will be released and launched in September.

However, you can read about what we thought right now and we think this is something truly special!
May 9th 2016
One of the most striking albums we've heard in many years, "So Long Solemn" is the debut album by BOUCHE.
Dark, moody, dramatic, luxuriant...

Read our review for more thoughts.
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