I indulge in photography using my Nikon D3300 DSLR camera and specialise in shots of a more candid nature whether it be street photography or covering events of a creative (musical, theatrical etc) nature. Whilst I do focus on what is happening, I also like to capture what happens behind the scenes, getting shots of a more candid nature to capture the bigger picture! I often capture video footage using phones (sometimes a pair for multiangles) in addition to portable digital audio recording... it's a habit of mine as I like to archive and cover as many options as possible!

Some examples of photos covering events or basic still life stuffs can be seen at...

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I am available for hire for events but no longer accept freebies though I come at a reasonable rate and you'll get full professional quality photos along with video footage/audio recording if requested. I don't do formal events such as weddings.
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Blackpool is home to quite a few great photographers and you can find links to some of them on our links page.
Do check them out.

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This website © 2015-2019 Brickbat Enterprises.