Blackpool is the greatest place in the UK for photography! Seriously. With its many attractions, events, beach, history and millions of visitors all year round seeking fun or solitude, Blackpool is a constantly changing kaleidoscope that can never fail to inspire or excite photographers professional or amateur.

I regularly wander around with my Nikon DSLR camera capturing some of what happens and have been building up a reputation as a street photographer with an interesting eye for details most would overlook. I find people endlessly fascinating and enjoy capturing shots at the various events I pop along to. You can enjoy random shots on this page (refresh and see!) but for more, do check out :

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Blackpool is home to quite a few great photographers and you can find links to some of them on our links page. Do check them out.
I always welcome opportunities to capture interesting events so if you'd like me to come along and get shots a little different from more formal angles, don't hesitate to get in touch.
This website © 2015-2019 Brickbat Enterprises.
This website © 2015-2019 Brickbat Enterprises.