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Thursday 15th November 2018
It's been one of those extraordinary weeks.

This Monday, I began a new job. It's a real relief to be working again and it is a rather demanding job physically which thankfully I am capable of. Today was my first day off and it's been a really happy positive day though this morning was a little sad. This may go a little outside the realm of Brickbat Enterprises but it involves Blackpool and I think has validity.

This morning I had a meeting and my time in the gym came to a very amicable end. I mentioned them back in August and am gonna tell you about them again because they have been absolutely amazing.
T-12 Body Transformations is a gym based on Brinwell Road in Marton. I sought them out as they offer personalised training plans. My main aim was to lose weight and shed some flab. I got a one to one trainer deal and once I signed up, they took care of my diet and with their guidance, began making positive changes to my lifestyle and way I eat. The twice weekly workouts were always enjoyable and diverse. I put a lot of work into it and gradually, the weight plunged along with my waistline. That has also given me extra confidence and self-belief. A wonderful team who made me feel at home and part of the family and they have been delighted by the results. We had a good long discussion about it all this morning and I'm going to miss them. The reason I'm typing all this is because I want to plug them and anyone based in and around Blackpool who might have been thinking about losing weight or getting back into shape, you can't go wrong with T-12.
One of the best decisions I ever made entrusting them.

This afternoon, I had a very enjoyable lengthy meeting with a fellow writer friend discussing a wide variety of things which was very nourishing and thought provoking.

Oh... and last weekend saw the King Crimson gigs. I had booked to see the show in Manchester Bridgewater Hall BUT I failed to receive my tickets. Cue a last minute palava where the band's management got involved. They ensured I would see the show but furthermore offered me a free ticket for the following night's show in Liverpool. A bit of a frantic and intense weekend resulted and yep, as usual NORTHERN RAIL were zero help striking on Saturday (and will strike EVERY damn Saturday for the remainder of 2018) which meant it was impossible to travel back home after the show. Instead I stayed the night in Southport which I hadn't visited in ten years and was nice to return there. As for the gigs themselves... stupendous. Mindblowing. Full review will follow over the next week or so.

And that's still not all. A new future for Brickbat Enterprises is shaping up as a green light has been given. Again, I can't say anything more than that at present, but lets just say 2019 is certain to be a VERY busy year and I can't wait!

It will shortly be nine months since I moved to Blackpool and so much has happened in that time it is truly staggering. I have been having a FANTASTIC time. The new job guarantees security and healthy finances so no need for worries there which goes a long way as well.

And to think, this is just only the beginning...
Tuesday 11th December 2018
HOME SWEET HOME! Just spent more or less the last fortnight away in Lincolnshire on family duties, my longest time away from Blackpool since moving here and to say I was homesick would be an understatement.

First, we kick off with some sad news. Last night, Passion Bel Canon - the London based trio we've been championing since this website's earliest days in 2015 - announced on Twitter that they've reached the end of the road, releasing their final EP this weekend. This is terribly sad for me because I absolutely loved their work. Unfortunately, gigs seemed to be very thin on the ground from 2017 onwards and I think I can guess what's happened and why. All I will say is this - PAY TO PLAY MUST END - it is KILLING original musical talent left, right and centre - had the band been able to gig more often and be seen/heard by more people I think their fate would had been very different so am gutted that a combo that created genuinely interesting music has understandably come to their end. I wish Lauren, Will and Jamie all the very best for their future careers and directions.

On a happier note, last night saw an intriguing event I sadly couldn't be present at due to being away. It was the climax of the Electric Sunshine Project's scriptwriting course where most members' works in progress were given to a bunch of professional actors to interpret and read aloud in public. I was gutted having to leave the course due to gaining my job, so I was pleasantly surprised when Melanie Whitehead contacted me asking if she could give my draft of the first scene to the actors to feature in this event. I agreed to this in spite of the fact I would be absent and Melanie promised - and duly delivered - recordings for me to listen to and study. It was a nice treat to come home to.

I was very apprehensive about what I was about to hear which were the actors and Melanie running through the script, discussing it and making adjustments then the actual public performance of it complete with the audience feedback immediately after. It felt VERY strange to hear my words being recited by actors and better still, in my view, they absolutely nailed it... it was pretty much how I was hearing it inside my head as I wrote the scene, but better! The audience feedback (not always audible) was astonishing - hugely positive and it provoked some interesting discussion. The opening scene of a play is the hardest to write as one has to establish many different things and I'm delighted and surprised (I am my own worst critic) I managed to hit the spot so well, that it triggered many thoughts and a desire amongst many to want to see the rest of the play. I genuinely did not expect it to be so warmly received so am feeling really happy about this and is a nice way to bring my adventures in 2018 to a climax... it truly has been a stunning year full of progress and positivity. We will end this year with a full resume here on the news page and I don't know where to begin!

Shortly before I went away, I published my review on the recent pair of shows I witnessed by King Crimson. In some ways I feel I'm still "recovering" from them and it's a good job I write a journal and get everything down immediately after it's happened as bizarrely, I have very little memory of the second show in Liverpool. It's a peculiar blank in my mind for reasons I cannot fathom. True, King Crimson's music is certainly not to the tastes of many and I can understand why but for me, their music hits deep inner chords and witnessing them playing live in person is akin to an out of body experience.

Back to work on Thursday and likely to be busy there over the festive season which suits me fine as I'm not the most "festive" of people... and I wanna be "2000 miles" away from every radio playing THAT wretched song... did you know it's "very far"? One of the most teeth-grating lyrics EVER! Oh dear... my inner Scrooge is starting to appear which is as good a sign as any for me to shut up for now!