Brickbat Enterprises actually began way back in 1989 during my final months at school. A friend and I made this cassette "album" of some songs we had and when I designed the artwork, I figured it had to be credited to some kind of company. My real surname is one that's often been mis-spelled and pronunciated hence "Brickbat" was borne out of some wordplay on that. Not to mention one of my favourite computer games was that one with a bat bashing and bouncing balls at a brick wall. Many know it as "Breakout."

The name amused me so I used it on all further recording projects and also to promote some of my own gigs. It's always been around yet it was nothing more than a daft name... until now as it's now being used for this website as an umbrella "company" to help and promote newer musical talent.... Brickbat Enterprises keeps on evolving in the 21st Century!
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