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The Brian Prebble Experience
The Brian Prebble Experience is an ongoing performance art project fusing elements of music, comedy, drama, poetry, dance and improvisation. My approach to live performance has always been rather individual and I've always believed in trying to be as entertaining as possible using the widest variety of means to amuse my audiences. It has a long history stretching back 25 years. The name was originally in use between 1994 and 1997. After 21 years the name and concept was resurrected when I moved to Blackpool, but truth be told when I performed solo under my own name between during the inactive period, it was pretty much Prebble in all but name!

Now, Prebble is back, alive, well and just as bizarre, unpredictable, spontaneous and irreverent as ever. So far I've been performing at poetry nights in Blackpool but will be moving onwards and upwards as a full fledged Brian Prebble Experience show is currently in the works which I hope will amuse and delight a new audience and be able to take on the road to spread the disease and good vibes!