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Since the earliest age, I loved writing. Kinda funny thinking back since when I were a lad, I indulged heavily in creative writing, but over the last 30 years - lyrics and poetry, apart - I've mainly been writing personal based stuff. I kept a diary sporadically since 1984, then in the mid 90's started keeping a journal. There were off periods, sure but the journal is an important part of my daily routine and the most recent spell began 4 years ago. It's now done digitally, gone are the days when I would spend hours writing with pen on paper... give me a pen now and you're more likely to end up with some illegible scrawl.

Bear this in mind. If you're nice to me, I'll write about you in the journal.
If you're NOT nice to me, I'll write about you in the journal...

I have written millions of words... diaries, journals, letters, songs, poetry, blogs, emails and there is no chance of that stopping. Plans are afoot to write a couple of plays and I'd also like to write a book, though goodness knows what about.

I just find it easier to express myself in writing than in person.