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Let's get this clear... sure, I'm sometimes described or referred to as "a musician" and I do play a rather unusual instrument, but technically, my musical skills are minimal. I prefer to get other people playing for me, I tell them what I want and they play it. However, I have had to work alone a lot so where do I get the music from? I create my own backing tracks using sampling and sequencing and sing on top of those and before you start thinking "big deal" well... you haven't heard the backing tracks I create! Just when you think I'm doing something simple... anything can and does happen. Let's put it this way - the most influential piece of music I ever heard was "Revolution 9" by The Beatles. John and Yoko have A LOT to answer for...

I play the Omnichord. I'm not gonna bother trying to describe it - you'll have to Google it. I have two models, a vintage 1980's one and a 21st Century upgrade called a Q-Chord. I also play guitar... very badly. Just 3 chords - A, D and E.