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When I recently relocated to Blackpool, it was staggering just how much stuff I was moving consisted of my infamous archive.

In 1987, I made the fateful decision to archive EVERYTHING I wrote, recorded and created. There are boxes, cases and files aplenty consisting of cassette tape recordings, paperwork - lyrics, poetry, diaries and my journals, photos, videotapes, minidiscs, letters (sent and received) and more. It's my life's work and in essence, my life.

I still keep on archiving everything I do. The archive not only just captures my life and times but also that of the many people who have passed through it. I have a lot of stuff that would embarrass some people... including myself!

And to sound ultra pretentious, I regard everything I create as a part of one ongoing piece of work. Everything is connected in some way or other but I'm the only one who knows how...