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If there's one place where I truly come alive, it's onstage in front of an audience. Since 1989, I have performed over 150 times in a variety of situations, set ups and locations. Glastonbury? The Cavern? The Jacaranda? Done 'em.

Under the guise of "The Brian Prebble Experience" or just plain "Baz" I have created all manner of mayhem onstage. I believe in being spontaneous and visual. Not everybody is gonna like my music or my voice... that's fine, but they can still enjoy my visual antics. I would need a book to even begin some of the stuff I've gotten up to onstage. I don't just do music or poetry... I fuse it with theatrical and comic elements along with a healthy dash of improvisation. I improvise simply because it's fun and am not afraid to take chances. If something goes wrong - and boy, they often do - then I think audiences enjoy watching me ad-lib my way around the situation... sometimes to the degree they don't even notice there's been a screw up.

It get riled by "tribute" acts and jukebox musicals. They're not offering anything remotely original. So you can look and sound like a certain singer. Big deal. What about being yourself?