Brickbat Enterprises is a non-profit venture devoted to finding and promoting great unsigned musical talent.

The fact is this - the internet is massive with hundreds of thousands of talents trying to get themselves noticed. Unfortunately, there is only so much time we have to spare to check these talents out and a lot of time can and does get wasted when one sees or hears something that isn't quite good... there are tons of meaningless wannabes tossing off bad amateur covers for "likes" and "tweets" who delude themselves into thinking they're "stars!"

The music industry is so out of touch with ordinary people and Simon Cowell has been flinging too many pop puppets at us for too long. Sadder still, the industry is full of pitfalls, greed and exploitation which usually causes distrust, disenchantment and too often artistes end up packing it all in because it's getting ever harder to get noticed. Morons often blurt "Ah, but it's easier now thanks to the internet!" who obviously have no concept or clues of "small fish in a big pond" or "needle in a haystack". Any talent that is genuinely "original" is least likely to get signed or noticed. There's too much predictability and safeness - it's not good enough - music should be interesting and exploring new boundaries.

Music and entertainment is IMPORTANT.
Not only for entertainment purposes but also creative expression.

The 21st Century has seen creativity become devalued... and it's just not on! It's now near impossible for musicians to make a living from their music thanks to many corruptive factors - especially "pay to play" and a mindset which dictates that all music should be F-R-E-E. What too many people fail to realise is, making music costs A LOT OF MONEY. Rehearsal time, space, travel, gigs, recording. distributing... it all quickly adds up and there is sadly very little return on these expenses.

Brickbat Enterprises seeks and encourages talent who have something interesting to say or express in the hope that they get to reach a wider audience to help sustain their creativity and passion. Created and run by a retired (and tired) singer/songwriter in his mid 40's, we aim to give a helping hand to talents that deserve it. There are no profits involved - this is not about making money but simply using my web designing skills and webspace to bring you a host of new talents that we hope you will enjoy, follow, support, encourage and hopefully buy their product when it becomes available.

In a way, Brickbat Enterprises is a record company that isn't a record company. In vinyl days, record companies had their own distinctive brands and identities. Here, we aim to create a brand and venue, bringing together a variety of musical acts... a place online where you can come to find and discover interesting Quality talent you may never have heard before. We have zero ownership of the music or acts we feature - that belongs entirely to them.

The only criteria is that we hear something "interesting", "promising" or "unusual" in the music.

Anyway, thank you for having a look and I hope you'll return soon.

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