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Brickbat Enterprises began way back in 1989 as an umbrella "company" for all my personal artistic endeavours as whatever I did or released had to be credited to... er... something, so given my original surname was frequently mangled by others, Brickbat Enterprises ended up being a play on that.

Over the last few years, I decided to branch out as I was going through a major creative slump. How about using my web design skills to help showcase other interesting creative talents? So, I actively sought out new musical talents online and any rare ones that fulfilled my criteria were approached and I offered them free promotion and plugging via this site and my Twitter account. Why? Because I could. I do not buy into the "internet has made it easier" belief for artistes to get by - quite the contrary as one quick look at YouTube reveals thousands upon thousands of people trying to get themselves noticed... toss in social media and the crapathetic state of the music industry (who gives £100 million to Adele who already is richer beyond her means and there are better ways that money should had been spent which would benefit a great many) and I think life for musicians is much harder than ever before. Worse, if you're original, the odds are against you as all the gigs and money is in impersonating famous acts. Not good enough. So, any way I could help fellow artistes, it may not be much, but it's better than nothing and artistes do feel a lot better when they know somebody actually believes in what they do. So, basic online music promotion became the raison d'etre of Brickbat Enterprises.

We featured some true quality acts. They are still featured here and you'll find them in the "artistes" menu above. Check 'em out!

However, it was getting harder to find acts I deemed worthy and I also began to feel that by focusing solely on music, I was perhaps being too restrictive given I indulge in a variety of creative pursuits. I also felt it was time to be moving on in my personal life so sought pastures new where I could reactivate my own creative career. I settled for Blackpool after it became clear to me that it has a very active and healthy creative scene which I believe I can contribute to.

So, the role of Brickbat Enterprises is gonna be similar to before but encompassing all areas of the creative arts. Admittedly, much of it is gonna be Blackpool based but hopefully help showcase local talents to a wider nationwide audience. It is also gonna be acting in my own interests, promoting events I'm involved with.

So, in it's 29th year of existence, Brickbat Enterprises enters a new phase in its evolution.

Thank you for reading and hope you will keep checking us out here and on Twitter, discover and support great worthy creative talents aplenty!


(8th March 2018)