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Tuesday 23rd October 2018
It's half term, the Illuminations get switched off on November 4th and in spite of heavy winds and increasingly chillier temperatures, it feels like Blackpool has gone crazy! Before I moved here, I would always endeavour to visit during the final week of the Illuminations and am now witnessing first hand why I was wise to do so!

Later this week is the LIGHTPOOL festival encompassing a host of events and I'm volunteering with LeftCoast at one of them, a big dance based spectacle entitled RUSH which is this Friday at 19:45. Tickets are still available HERE and better still, they're FREE. It promises to be quite an experience so, pop along if you can though I remind you, no ticket, no admission.

Otherwise, it's been a low key month (hence this belated update) as I've been busy attending to various other things and am currently on a break from photography. Kinda ironic as since putting the camera to one side, I've been walking endlessly, last week covering over 50 miles. Well, it all helps with my fitness regime! I also took a short sabbatical from Twitter and Instagram for a variety of reasons. My Twitter activities will be minimal from now on, only posting/re-tweeting when absolutely necessary. As for Instagram, I have decreased the output which was 3 photos a day to just one, and no longer 7 days a week either. I have a backlog of images from April to September and am currently posting those. When I do resume my photography antics, I'm not sure whether or not to continue on Instagram... need to think about it and my thoughts are occupied by plenty of other things at the moment.

The scriptwriting course continues and am enjoying that. Trying to compose some piece entitled "Where Have All The Protest Singers Gone?" but as always with my habits, I keep chipping away and editing the dialogue down and if I keep at it at the current rate, it'll end up being a drama about cavemen with minimal barely intelligible dialogue!

Currently awaiting news/developments about our possible next steps for 2019. Nothing else I can say about that at the moment for obvious reasons, but feeling... hopeful.

Looking forward to November - my calendar is rapidly filling up and it's set to be a busy month, though not always on the creative front. It suits me fine because I'm at my happiest when busy. It includes another trip to Manchester to catch King Crimson in action again. I reviewed the pair of shows they did there just over three years ago which blew my head away and from the live recordings and video footage that's emerged since then, this should be something astonishing!

My only hope is that our old chums Northern Rail don't throw a spanner in the works.

Anyway, that's all for now. Catch you soon.