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17th January 2018 Update
BRICKBAT ENTERPRISES is on the move, to the legendary much loved seaside resort of BLACKPOOL. Why Blackpool? We believe that it is home to a thriving creative scene encompassing all areas of the arts and that it is time for something new and vibrant to emerge. After 29 years of existence, Brickbat Enterprises continues to progress and Blackpool feels like its natural home from which it can operate and try and make things happen.

Brickbat Enterprises began way back in 1989 as a personal promotional plaything and over the years has always been in existence on that basis. However in 2015, we began this website with the intent on promoting and focusing on a host of great musical acts. We featured and championed a handful, notably Passion Bel Canon, Shana Rose, Jessica Law, Ronald L.Smith and Honey Bane. We still endorse and support these talented artistes and they will always be a part of Brickbat Enterprises but there were problems as finding new worthy musical talent was actually not easy and many hours wasted trawling YouTube and social media searching for quality talents we believe in. Several other artistes we championed literally vanished off the radar presumably due to personal and financial problems so their websites vanished and there is nowhere from which you can purchase their product or find out more about them. Though well intentioned and successful in it's own way, it was clear that Brickbat Enterprises needed to evolve and expand in order to progress. It was also evident it required a new approach and raison d'etre. I was also feeling stuck in a rut where I was in my life and living and began looking elsewhere with the intent of moving on and starting afresh.

At the end of August 2017, I met up with a lady known as Brizzlelass for a meeting. We'd been online pals for a couple of years. She works very hard promoting writers through her blogging network and is currently engaged in writing her first novel and is a remarkable lady. Chatting with her felt rejuvenating and encouraging on many levels so our meeting provided the turning point I was seeking for myself and for Brickbat Enterprises. I had visited and stayed in Blackpool several times and liked what I was seeing and sensing. It seemed much more creative and tuned in, welcoming to all areas of the Arts. Instead of just focusing on music, it made perfect sense to start branching out and featuring other forms of the Arts such as writing, poetry, painting, mime, dance, performance art, street entertainment and more.

For me personally, speaking, living and breathing as a creative artiste, I feel the Arts are HUGELY important and that in these uncertain times have a very important role to play in our lives. I feel that the internet has created too many divisions and changed human behaviour for the worse and that as human beings we're actually LESS active and compassionate than ever before. We need to be engaging with each other face to face, exchanging ideals and laughter as opposed to doing so via lame memes on a mobile phone, computer or tablet. Sure, they're now important methods of communication but the personal factor is growing ever more diluted. We love to be entertained and there is still nothing like coming together as audients and witnessing something happening in REAL TIME.

Brickbat Enterprises believes it has a new worthy role to play in the world of Art and Entertainment and being based in Blackpool, we'll be able to move in ways we were never able to before. We are all about CREATIVITY, and we aim to actively encourage and promote it in interactive ways on a more personal level that will benefit people in a variety of ways. Brickbat Enterprises will also act as an umbrella for my own personal activities, most notably the resurrection of The Brian Prebble Experience, a performance art project which collages various forms of performing arts fused with improvisation!

Armed with a nice Nikon camera, I also indulge in photography as a hobby and you can see/follow us on Instagram... and hey, Blackpool is a brilliant resource for raw photographic material! We also have a Twitter account as well where we post occasionally. We do NOT have a Facebook account and never will. The reasons why may be explored in future pieces of work!

Brickbat Enterprises would like to create or be part of a new movement where creativity is not shunned and can be indulged in by all, not just the lucky few who can afford to keep themselves sustained. We want to see people express THEMSELVES. Be themselves, tell us through their work just what they TRULY think and feel about everything that is happening to them, society and humanity. We need to be listening to them, but there are too many loopholes and clauses that are working against them and they need to be encouraged, made aware there are organisations that can be of benefit to them such as LeftCoast and the Electric Sunshine Project to name just two Blackpool based organisations whom I look forward to working with in some way or other.

This is all about being PRO-ACTIVE, in the aim of improving life, creativity and entertainment for the better. This website will return to full activity in a new layout and form hopefully by April 2018. Until then, stay tuned!
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