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December 6th 2017
I know... "first update in months", "where have you been you lazy git?", "has Brickbat Enterprises become an html coaster?" blah blah blah... I make no apologies for the lack of updates because 1 - I've been busy and 2 - there's been nothing to update you on... and the latter point is precisely the reason why Brickbat Enterprises is changing form in the new year and why this is the final update for at least 4 months. OK, lemme clue you in to what's going on...

Since September I have been working towards relocating to that delightful seaside resort known as BLACKPOOL. It's midlife crisis time. Not happy with where I am geographically or within the ever unfolding script known as "my life"... I have been visiting Blackpool a lot over the last year and I feel comfortable there. It also has a thriving creative arts scene. Where I currently reside, "creative arts" might well be the name of a bad covers band as it is culturally barren and there is NOTHING to engage or excite me here and experience also proves that to try and get something going in this area would be a monumental waste of time. Unfortunately, over my life I've built up a massive archive of my works and exploits and I'm also a bit of a hoarder... time to strip everything down to the barest essentials so all I have to do is find new accommodation and fill a small van full of my stuff and... done. So, been very busy decluttering and it's been a weird process encountering all sorts of items dating back 30 years or so... school exercise books crammed full of my earliest lyrics were real toe curling to look at again, yet though I am keeping a good proportion plus been scanning everything for digital preservation, I've been finding it all tedious. It's nice it exists, but it's all HISTORY. My PAST. I no longer have any real interest or nostalgia for THE PAST. But, in order for there to be a future, the past needs to be dealt with so that's taken up the bulk of my time lately.

Brickbat Enterprises has kinda run aground thanks to my original ideals and focusing on musical acts. Unfortunately, to my sadness and dismay virtually all of the acts we champion have been rather silent in recent months. Passion Bel Canon managed a couple of gigs and Jessica Law is working on her album but everyone else... I guess they're busy with boring things like... LIFE! It is also extremely time consuming and difficult to FIND new interesting music acts - Jessica Law is the ONLY artiste who impressed me in 2017 and seeing the drivel Simon Cowell is shoving at us through the facade of "The X-Factor" coupled with the fact the charts is full of robotic autotuned CRAP highlights what a dire state the music industry is in as smaller acts are struggling harder than ever to afford the PAY TO PLAY ransom scam in order to get gigs... and if they can't afford to get gigs, they can't get noticed or spread their music etc etc... I don't buy the "the internet has made it EASIER for musicians" nonsense AT ALL. I salute ALL struggling musicians who keep on with their determination to get heard and get their foot on the bottom rungs of the ladder because I still believe music is IMPORTANT, but... the odds are now downright unfair and hostile.

I am also a creative artiste and am getting itchy to resume my own adventures in creativity and performance art. Blackpool offers many more opportunities than where I currently am. I have been keeping an eye on their local arts scene and am impressed. I had a meeting with one of the local charities LEFTCOAST in October where we discussed options and basically, the moment I move to Blackpool, I know I'll have PLENTY to keep me busy and get involved with, to return the pulse to my system. Unfortunately, the process is taking longer than I'd like and with that CHRISTMAS nonsense in the way as well... I'm HOPING to be moved in January or February 2018... March at the latest. Once I manage that, this website will be completely revamped with a new format, style and motive. Music will still play a part but we'll also be casting the net wider to feature artistes from ALL areas of creative arts and inevitably will mainly be focused on the North West but will still feature our current roster and seek interesting acts from all over the UK.

During my recent digitisation and sort out of the archive, it was amusing to find paperwork as early as 1989 which featured the fateful words "Brickbat Enterprises" as here I am nearly 30 years later and not only is it a reality but is also constantly progressing, moving with the times as it's core reason for existence is the creative arts, helping promote and feature worthy artistes who have interesting talent or things to say. We're in a weird state in the history of humanity with ever increasing fascistic ideals threatening to change our lives so I genuinely believe more than ever that we NEED the creative arts to try and help people to THINK, challenge the crap that's around us, become active, CREATE, explore... creative artistes are more important than ever before and Brickbat Enterprises will be a part of the ever growing movement.

Thanks for your time and patience to read the above and also many thanks to everyone who has believed in us so far. We're gonna fall silent for a few months so I can get resettled and things moving but we sure ain't going away. Keep an eye on our Twitter feed so you'll know when we return and when we do, it will be in style and much more livelier than ever before.

Keep the faith. BE creative!
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