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September 5th 2017
What a relief! Summer now out the way, the kids are all back at school and in spite of the damn "X Factor" and "Strictly Come Prancing" monopolising the TV schedules up till Christmas, we enter my favourite time of year. First, apologies for the lack of updates lately... this is due to reasons to be discussed in a moment but before then here's a handful of brief updates.

Jessica Law's Kickstarter campaign was an unqualified success raising over 150% of her target and the extra money is being used wisely to hire a string quartet for her album sessions and given Jessica's quirky stylings, the results are certain to be interesting.

Passion Bel Canon have had an enjoyable summer playing a few festivals, writing and recording some new material and we hope to finally catch them in person at a forthcoming gig before 2017 ends.

Shana Rose is currently balancing work and studies, all the while trying to write some new material.

Unfortunately, several acts seem to be "missing in action" as Jenni Noyes and Anna Ling remain silent and worse, Bouche's website has disappeared. I have relinked to their Twitter page instead but this is most unfortunate as otherwise, I have no idea how you can buy your own copy of their wonderful album "So Long Solemn" - I know life gets in the way or throw things at us, but would be nice to hear from them all at some point.

Meanwhile, I've been pondering upon the future of Brickbat Enterprises.

This website was originally created to showcase great new musical talent as and when I found them and since this site began just over two years ago, we have discovered, promoted and endorsed some real great artistes but... finding them is not easy. A lot of time has been wasted checking YouTube and Kickstarter for suitable acts which either weren't any good or didn't cut the mustard. Competition is fierce in the music marketplace!

Over the last few months I have been communicating with a host of creative people who are not musicians who have talents I like and believe in, so the decision has been made that in January 2018, Brickbat Enterprises will branch out - as part of it's evolution - and encompass other areas of CREATIVITY. Creativity is the key for me - it's what is all important, so we'll start featuring artists, writers, theatre, photographers, bloggers, community groups and more who help to promote and keep creativity alive and well. Music will remain core, but we feel that diversifying and embracing other forms of creativity is the logical step forward.

I myself am planning to relocate early in 2018 as where I currently reside... to put it as politely as possible, is bereft of a creative pulse. It's time to move somewhere where there is a thriving creative scene and personally get involved... so the future of Brickbat Enterprises is looking as bright as ever. Change is in the air, we're moving with the times and helping keep creativity alive and breathing!

I recently created an Instagram account but at the moment it's bare because I had no idea one could NOT upload photos directly from Windows and it defeats all logic that Microsoft give us Windows users an Instagram app where the one thing we can't do is upload images which means a lot of messing around. Over time stuff will start to appear there and is another tool as part of our expansion and progression. However, I will state yet again, we will NEVER EVER be doing Facebook. Just accept it and don't pester me as to why. The simplest answer is "I hate it" and we'll leave it there.

So, as ever, stay tuned. We do post occasionally on Twitter so follow us there for the most up to date er... tweets about whatever!
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