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June 20th 2017
We are delighted to introduce you to an intriguing singer/songwriter - Jessica Law!

After recording 4 EP's over the last few years, Jessica is now ready and poised to record her first album entitled "The Sum of Which" and right now has a Kickstarter campaign for you all to check out and hopefully get involved with. With song titles such as "The Crew Of The  HMS Terror", "Collared Dove", "Find Me In Hell", "Dayglo Dinosaur" and "Dead Nettles" it is clear that Jessica is an interesting songwriter. The campaign runs until July 19th and in the first 24 hours alone, has already hit 30% of her target.

She describes herself as an "alternative folk singer/songwriter" and her music is individualistic and melodic and she has a wonderful expressive voice. We had a great time last night watching her various videos from over the years and she's a great live performer too!

A couple of videos to be getting on with...
"The Mermaid's Revenge" -
"Nice Vs Kind" -

Jessica is unique and truly individual and we want you all to check out her website by clicking on her banner above, and give her your support, attention and admiration!
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