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April 27th 2017
Yes... we're STILL ALIVE! It's kinda embarrassing that the last time we updated the site was last July. You know how it is... life gets in the way and I had some nasty stuff to deal with that occupied the remainder of 2016... but, we're still here and in fact will be for quite some time as I renewed the webspace and web address a couple of months back.

So... here we are in 2017... a scary year isn't it? We need all the cheering up we can get in these ever turbulent times and there is ALWAYS time to be listening to some MUSIC!

So, let's press on with some updates.

Jenni Noyes' album was released in late 2016. She's since been quiet, as the whole process of recording and launching the album "Alone On The Moon" drained her, but we trust she's doing fine and will be back in action soon and you can buy her album from her own website linked to across this site.

Honey Bane's albums have all sold out on CD but you can still buy download versions through her website.

Bouche have also been quiet the last few months though did emerge a few weeks ago and performed a gig in London. We await news of future shows as they are such an interesting sound and spectacle. If you haven't yet done so, do check out their video of "The Storm" - I'm not a fan of videos in general but this one is pretty special and unique!

Shana Rose is keeping busy with a University degree course and holding down a job but she still has been finding time to write new material and recently posted a bunch of new videos which you can check out via her channel on YouTube.

Going from strength to strength, it's been an active and exciting time for Passion Bel Canon. They recently released their first ever music video, a stylish film noir clip of their EP song "Lights" and work has almost finished on a second video. The gigs keep coming in, a couple of festival appearances in store for the summer and more new material continues to be written.

Thanks to last year's enforced hiatus, I haven't had much time to devote to searching for new talent and hopefully we'll stumble across some new acts very soon. However, I would like to introduce you to Ronald L.Smith. Ronald is an acclaimed author of 19 books, and a renowned comedy expert amongst many things. Last October he released "Ha Ha Halloween" his first ever solo album featuring a bunch of his own songs with a comedic bent. Ronald is a big fan of old novelty discs... there were a great many of them in the 1950's and 1960's yet today in the 21st Century, they barely exist. Ronald steps into the breach with his album of comedy songs which has him offering his own impressions of various star acts given Smith's own puntastic treatments! Check him out at his website (linked above) and decide for yourself if music needs some humour in the 21st Century.

Lastly, all being well and if I'm not distracted too much, this website will receive a complete overhaul and facelift sometime over the next couple of months. Apologies for any glitches that you may notice on the site at the moment... these will all be dealt with during the revamp which will hopefully see this site be optimised to be tablet friendly.

In the meantime, we still make occasional postings on Twitter so follow us there for the latest up to the moment developments and discoveries.
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