The wonderful PASSION BEL CANON have been very busy. They spent the last months of 2015 recording their debut EP which is coming out shortly and managed a handful of live dates as well. They have two dates coming up shortly in London, the first on 9th March at The Islington Arms supporting TEMPESST, then a month later on April 20th you can catch them at The Old Queen's Head somewhere in London.

Much later on July 30th they'll be in Somerset playing at the Farm Fest at Gilcombe Farm in Bruton along with a host of other bands and acts which PBC are looking most forward to. When the EP is released, you'll read about it here but again, keep an eye on their webpage (they're putting me to shame updating it more often than I've updated this site so far this year!), follow them on Twitter, Facebook or Instagram for all the news and developments as and when they happen.

Hopefully we'll get to hear a lot more about them as 2016 develops and the EP becomes available.
So, 2016 is getting off to a cracking start for many of our acts. I feel a bit cheeky saying "our acts" since essentially we're just a venue helping to promote the talents we believe in. Either way, there's a fair bit of new music to be getting along with and more to come with the Passion Bel Canon EP and the Bouche album which I'm certain I will greatly enjoy alongside Honey Bane's. Following on from my lengthy KING CRIMSON review, they just unleashed a brand new "official live bootleg" of a show they performed on 20th November 2015 in Toronto. It's a real scorcher and interest and demand is so high for it, their e-commerce section on the DGM website crashed within a few hours of the download being released... a CD version comes on March 17th and is an excellent example of the power and virtuosity of this unique band who are touring Europe in September and October kicking off with two dates in the UK in Aylesbury.

Hopefully we'll find some more new great talent for you all to check out and enjoy too. So, stay tuned... we're still open for business with open eyes and ears for great new music that we think is fresh and unique.
3rd March 2016
Well, after a long teabreak I felt it was high time to update this site. Been a few headaches the last few months plus recently upgraded to a new computer so everything's been a bit chaotic. Anyway, we have a bumper load of news for you all
First of all, I'd like to bring your attention to a compelling and fascinating trio called BOUCHE. I featured them briefly in the news here a few months ago when their Kickstarter campaign to record their debut album was a success. Well, the album is completed and is to be released on April 15th and there will be an elaborate launch party a few days later on the 21st which promises to be quite a special occasion. You can find out more by visiting their website by clicking on the photo or checking in on their Twitter account.

The album is called "So Long Solemn" with rather striking cover images by Carrie Watkins and Rosie Reed Gold. BOUCHE are very interesting and unique - kind of a laid back smokey jazz and blues fusion fronted by the charismatic Rebekah Bouche who sings and plays double bass. Accompanied by guitar and trumpet, they truly stand out and I think they're fantastic. I'm looking most forward to the album which you can order from their website. If you want to hear something genuinely distinctive, then check BOUCHE out!
Next, I'm delighted to say that punk legend HONEY BANE's CD's have proven to be very popular.
She enjoyed a major boost in January when BBC 4 screened the edition of TOP OF THE POPS that she appeared on in January 1981 and a whole new generation of people were introduced to her talents and she gained a whole load of new admirers who were impressed by her performance which in turn has led them to follow Honey on Twitter and better still, buy the albums.

Her new album, her very first in fact, ACCEPTANCE OF EXISTENCE will be reviewed here very soon when I get some quality time to sit down and do it justice. It is excellent - well worth checking out and snapping up since it proves that Honey still has plenty to say and is very relevant to the ever maddening 21st Century.
I recently exchanged emails with SHANA ROSE and she's a very busy lady at the moment focusing on her final months of University studies which hasn't left her much time for music though she's got many new songs and ideas brewing up which she's looking forward to getting to work on very soon along with some brand new recordings. You know the score... as soon as we have some news, you'll read about it here first!

Either way, we wish her luck with her studies and final exams.
10th March 2016

BOUCHE have just unveiled their first video for a new song called "Everything & Nothing All At Once"
It's rather unusual and idiosyncratic. Stylishly directed and filmed by Deniz Kavalali, it's certainly rather striking and the song is superb and moody.
Watch it here on YouTube and leave some appreciative comments!

Louder Than War have published an excellent review of the forthcoming album which you can read here.

Meanwhile, work keeps going on backstage here at Brickbat Enterprises. The main aim over the next month is to make this site Tablet friendly. I'm one of those fuddy-duddies who prefer using a proper PC or a laptop hence this website was designed to be displayed on those, but more people are using tablets now so high time to try and cater for them. This will involved the entire website being completely rebuilt from scratch. We will retain the current look and style but with some subtle changes to make it workable on your tablets. It's not an easy task but should be worthwhile. I did toy with the idea of also creating a version for mobile phones but I have more than enough to be getting on with right now so a phone version will have to wait for another time. So, if you spot or notice any errors or eccentricities over the next few weeks, you now know why.

I've just reworked the news and news archive pages making them easier to manage and hope it will be easier for you as well.
5th April 2016
Another month, another handful of updates. Due to issues beyond my control I haven't been able to devote as much time as I'd like to this website but hopefully - fingers crossed - normal service will resume around the end of the month.

Well, PASSION BEL CANON have just unleashed a live video shot at their 9th March gig at The Islington. It's very dark and moody yet undeniably and distinctly PBC quirky as well as one almost loses count how many times members switch instruments and I'm very curious about that odd small guitar singer Lauren plays during one section!
The song is called "Ritual" and you can watch it here on YouTube.

Their next gig is on April 20th at The Old Queen's Head in London where they will be supporting a Swedish-Belgian duo called Victoria and Jean. Better still, their Kickstarter funded EP will be arriving in the post very soon followed by a full on release later this year.

BOUCHE's album is due in the next couple of weeks and to help promote and launch it, they're undertaking a short UK tour consisting of 5 dates followed by a further 3 dates in May. Full details can be found at their website here. If you live in or around Manchester, Newcastle, Liverpool, Cambridge, Bristol, London or Stamford then don't miss this rare opportunity to catch them in action.  Here's a taster of what's in store, a live performance of "The Storm" filmed live last year, a wonderful moody and dramatic number.

Otherwise, not much else to report at the moment but stay tuned and keep an eye on our Twitter feed for more regular updates and retweets featuring the acts we cover.
1st May 2016
We're thrilled to bring you an exclusive. 2 days ago we received the PASSION BEL CANON debut EP and we absolutely love it. Though it won't be launched and released until September, you can read all about it right now by clicking the cover and reading our review. They really have created something truly special
JENNI NOYES' Kickstarter campaign has been going well but with ten days left, she still needs more backers and support to help make her album a reality. Please check her out and give her your support since as mentioned before we like and believe in what Jenni is doing and what she has to say.
16th July 2016
Apologies for the lack of updates lately... let's face it, it's been a pretty chaotic time for all of us as with each passing day, the world seems to get ever crazier and trying to keep one's head straight throughout this wild rollercoaster is certainly a bit of a challenge. Anyway... a handful of news updates.

SHANA ROSE recently completed her studies and is at work on a host of new material and collaborations. She's also started up her own blog which you can visit here. It's a mixture of things, essays, lyrics, poetry and whatever Shana's thinking!

JENNI NOYES' album launch gig on 7th July was a resounding success and her album will follow a little later on this year.

PASSION BEL CANON recently issued a bumper newsletter. They issued another remix of "Land Of Hope" and have a few forthocming live dates which are :
26th July - Lost In The Manor at The Finsbury. Details are here.
30th July - Farmfest. At 1pm on the main stage. Website.
17th August - Peerless at The OId Queen's Head. Details here.
And later this year, they'll be travelling to Sweden for their first overseas dates!

Their "Lights" EP which we reviewed here will be released very soon.

Don't forget Brickbat Enterprises is on Twitter so follow us and our acts there to stay more up to date.
10th April 2016
We're absolutely delighted and honoured to introduce you to singer/songwriter JENNI NOYES.

Jenni is a singer/songwriter from Leeds who is currently involved with her own Kickstarter campaign to help raise funds to record and release a 9 track album entitled "In Darkness and Light" which has been carefully chosen from 20 years worth of songwriting. Not only is this campaign going well but also enjoys the distinction of being one of the select few to be chosen by Kickstarter themselves as a project they love and feel is worthy of backing... and we share that enthusiasm.

We think Jenni and her ideals and philosophies are genuinely interesting - she exudes a genuine passion and intrigue for what she does.

Jenni has her own website from which you can explore, see what she has to say, check out her music and videos and trust us, it's time well spent which will hopefully interest and enchant you.

Visit her Kickstarter page by clicking the photo and give her some time and support - the campaign has 21 days left to run, so don't dilly, dally or dither and help Jenni bring her album into the World. It's an album we want to listen to.

Other related news :  BOUCHE released their album a few days ago and we're looking forward to receiving our copy shortly. We hope their short UK tour has gone down well and won over some new admirers.

PASSION BEL CANON perform live tonight at The Old Queen's Head in London where they're supporting Victoria and Jean. Last week they released a new single, a remix of their first, "Land Of Hope" and that's available for purchase. Check their website, Twitter and Facebook pages for more details.

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