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16th July 2016
Apologies for the lack of updates lately... let's face it, it's been a pretty chaotic time for all of us as with each passing day, the world seems to get ever crazier and trying to keep one's head straight throughout this wild rollercoaster is certainly a bit of a challenge. Anyway... a handful of news updates.

SHANA ROSE recently completed her studies and is at work on a host of new material and collaborations. She's also started up her own blog which you can visit here. It's a mixture of things, essays, lyrics, poetry and whatever Shana's thinking!

JENNI NOYES' album launch gig on 7th July was a resounding success and her album will follow a little later on this year.

PASSION BEL CANON recently issued a bumper newsletter. They issued another remix of "Land Of Hope" and have a few forthocming live dates which are :
26th July - Lost In The Manor at The Finsbury. Details are here.
30th July - Farmfest. At 1pm on the main stage. Website.
17th August - Peerless at The OId Queen's Head. Details here.
And later this year, they'll be travelling to Sweden for their first overseas dates!

Their "Lights" EP which we reviewed here will be released very soon.

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